Sunday, December 30, 2007

last post 2007, progress and FO report

its the end of the year, or more rightly put, the end of another year. So ... I finally have some progress to show on the garter ribbed cardigan, and my not Merino socks still grow slowly. To round things off for the year- I've added a list of 2007 FO's to end this post, I can't believe I finished knitting 25 projects! Some were small, and one was a rework of a dud project, but 25! This year - I blogged a lot more (108) than the previous year(24), and finally I felt ready to give back to the internet-knit community, both in tutorials and in give aways. I have made several knit-friends, local and internationally, and those friendships all have a special place in my life, thank you. So back to regular post content ...

Look a sleeve, this one went relatively quickly, about 3-4 days, I put off casting on a larger cuff for a while, then just did it. I want this jersey out of the way, so I can start something exiting and new in nice yarn. Only one more sleeve and the yoke/collar to go. This one is knit in naturally coloured yarn from Clifton wool'n'things, and it is washes up beautifully soft. Being naturally coloured it has an inherent heather texture to the brown colouring, with grey marled, speckled and freckled. But - its sticky and drags thru my fingers. Perhaps I should wash a skein some time to see if it makes it nicer to work with. I'm wary of starting to wash the skeins to knit into this jersey - what if the gauge changes, and I have to start over?

The rejected sleeve, the one that was so firmly fitted, well I didn't frog it, I meshed together the open end with a crochet closure, and knit two I-cord straps, and now Curley Bear has a back pack. Small things - small minds, not sure if that refers to my daughters delight at the new toy for her toy, or me and my penchant for using up duds in such a way. Still there is a kind of pleasure in being able to make children happy with small gifts like this.

And 'not' Merino Lace socks, I have well and truly turned the heel on both socks, and decreased all but one stitch of the gusset away. One more decrease round - and then continue straight on to the toe. This sock has the chevron lace continue right down the heel section, which makes for a stretchy fit sock. It is a nice look, a heel matching rather than slip stitch, but I've only knit one other like that - so I'm unsure how this form of heel lasts in comparison to a slip stitch one.

So 2007 - what did I accomplish?
Well I learned to spin, or rather I began the long and fun process of learning to spin, first on a spindle and then on a wheel. I also started dying yarn using food colours. I went to a lace weekend workshop - and while I don't knit lots of lace (yet) I'm working up my lace skills on small things like Pomatomus and Merino lace socks. I acquired a table loom, and thought I would like weaving - but I didn't. Knitting wise - my 25 finished projects for the year were in order of being knitted,
  1. Lost Kanga jersey for Toby (this was lost by March never to be seen again)
  2. Pink Merino Sweater for Curley Bear, i-pod cover, and a felted bowl
  3. Socks - Widdershins for me (and a dolls blanket for the dolls house)
  4. Wash cloth - yellow and blue
  5. Wash cloth - black and white
  6. Socks - Widdershins for Poppy
  7. Toby's hat, to match the Lost Kanga Jersey
  8. Widdershins for Bear
  9. Mittens for Poppy using food dyed yarn
  10. Mohair lined mittens for Toby using food dyed yarn
  11. BSJ (Baby Surprise Jacket) for my friends 3rd Baby (she called him Toby!)
  12. Fannigan, a silk merino colour work steeked cardigan for me
  13. Socks ribbed Regia for Toby
  14. Blanket - Fair Isle Baby , for my friends 3rd Baby (special baby - 2 things)
  15. Socks Pomatomus for me, in Tekking pro Natura with 25% Bamboo fiber
  16. Fiber Trends Felted Clogs for me, I knit these then food colour dyed them
  17. Socks Hedge row for me
  18. Wash cloth Green
  19. Crochet hats for both Poppy and Curley bear
  20. Socks Brother Amos for me
  21. Gansey for Curley Bear (knitter study group project)
  22. Hand spun brioche ribbed hat for Poppy (I spun the yarn for this !)
  23. Ccatta Andean hat with ear flaps (another knitter study group project and I dyed the yarn for this!)
  24. I re-worked the lower edge of my cabled zippie cardigan, shorter
  25. Curley's back pack - in this post
Wips - things remaining to finish
  1. 50% of a cardigan for Bear, body and one sleeve.
  2. by the end of 2007 I have sewed 91 fish into the fish afghan blanket - still a WIP.
So - 2008, I'm not one to make resolutions, life is pretty good, so no real need for major change. This next year we will refurbish the aged kitchen, laundry, electric and water system in our house. I will need the relaxation of knitting to get thru that, and I will spin more, There are some important people around me who have some trials to get thru, I want to knit special things for them- take care of them in a kind way, so some socks or scarves for others in 2008. I will finished the garter ribbed cardigan before I start any major new project.

May the new year bring only good things,


Knitting Linguist said...

What a wonderful list! I love the idea of a year in hand-knits -- and all of yours turned out so beautifully. Next year it'll be a lit of knitting, and a list of what was spun :) I really love the new backpack for the teddy bear -- how do you think of things like that? Happy new year!

Sarah said...

Happy New Year Stella! Thanks for your lovely compliments on the Gretel.. Yes, Ysolda has some wonderfulk patterns. I'm sure I'll make more of them.

I love your list. It's very satisfying to look back at everything you managed to finish in one year. And you've got 25 of them! The backpack is super cute:)