Wednesday, January 02, 2008

monogamous knitting

Oh how I would have liked to title this one something else, but no - right now I am just knitting one thing, the garter ribbed cardigan for Bear, so Project Monogamy is where I am at. Spinning doesn't count, right? We are just talking about the knitting here today, with a small spinning update, and a mini book review and update section

It should be boring, but because I am knitting only this progress seems quick. Not only that - but because it is quick, well, it changes, there I was knitting the second sleeve, then quick smart, I was slotting both sleeves into place with the body. One inch of knitting latter and the yoke decreases started leaning towards the body, a mere 10 rounds latter and the decreases switched and started eating up the sleeve stitches. It just keeps changing, and yet it stays the same, one row K2P1, next row K, repeat many many times. If I get really bored, I have the not merino lace socks to retreat to, and I could graft the underarms before I finish knitting.

I'm using EZ's saddle shoulder shaping, and I do like the way she calls the decreases 'eating' up the stitches, they really do get eaten. The shaping is detailed in the Knitting Workshop, in the 7 seamless sweater shapings chapter. I have used this shaping before, for my PB Cabled Zippie cardigan.

The Saddle shoulder provides a nice balance between KITR (Knit-In-The-Round) and the formality and flattering fit that comes from having arm hole seams. At the knit-to-fit workshop, raglans were described as giving the body a 'frown', something that stuck. It was suggested raglans suggested more shoulder slope than most people had, so tended to make people appear more slouched or round than they actually were. Further it was claimed raglan lines drew the eye down away from the face, much like frown lines draw the eye down the face, and smiles are said to draw the eye up to the eye. It was even suggested that the raglan line mimicked a frown or sad face and that it wasn't flattering. I know that Raglans can emphasize a large bust, right now I'm rambling - because Bear most definitely doesn't have a large bust or a small one, and this sweater is for him. But Bear is rounded, so the vertical lines of this sweater shaping are selected to flatter and correct for his roundness.

Here is a closer look at the shaping, This will probably be a jersey with a neck opening closed with pewter clasps rather than a cardigan. We are keeping out options open right now. I could also steek the front open and put in a zip.

Right now my only allowed fiber distraction is spinning more merino, white, 2 out of 3 bobbins filled, nearly ready to 3 ply. I got a few new books this past week, PGR Spinning in the old way, and N & J Fournier's In sheeps clothing : a hand spinners guide to wool. And Knitting School: A complete course, an English translation of an Italian technique book (Thanks Suzanne for telling me about this one). This one has rather special hand drawn illustrations in great detail of all the steps of the various techniques covered. Spinning the old way is about using the High Whorl Spindle, and I finally mastered how to use it by rolling it down my thigh - PGR claims using a high whorl spindle is as efficient for production spinning as a wheel. I'm not sure about that but she explains her nomadic life and non-material attitude as reasons for preferring the spindle to the wheel. In Sheeps clothing, is a little over my head for now, but in time, as I learn to relate breeds to fleece/fiber and yarn characteristics, it should prove useful.

So now I am just waiting for Knitting for Anarchists, Knit to fit, Vogue Knitting The Ultimate Sock Book, and The Art of Fair Isle Knitting: History, Technique, Color & Patterns, which I sucumed to only this morning. In a thread on Ravelry - it was said to have a good section on various ways to hold the yarn for colour work. Somthing I am interested in. I'm also waiting for the rest of my christmas presents, Kelly is bring me a knitpicks package and some more addi turbos back for me from the states. But she won't be here until next month.


Vintage Purls said...

Blimey you buy a lot of books! I hope at least a selection may appear at Knit Night tonight so we may drool. You're also putting me to shame with Bears jersey - Mr K's hasn't been touched since last Knit Night and it only got a few rounds then. I must try harder.

Knitting Linguist said...

That cardigan is looking lovely! I totally sympathize with the land of monogamous knitting. It's killing me, but I'm doing the same thing, with one more monogamous project to go after this one before I can return to my freewheeling ways. Thanks for the book suggestions -- my amazon wishlist just got a few titles longer!