Sunday, August 26, 2007

Blocking - the answer to almost everything

I'm not sure if you remember that I wasn't totally happy with the weaving on my last cotton washcloth - but told myself that washing would improve things.

And yes - it did improve after the washing machine trip, actually I noticed it improved in the bathroom when damp - so a good old wet block would have done it. First image is immediately after weaving, 2nd image is following a week in the bathroom and a trip around the washing machine, and a line dry. Oh - you can still see some distortion, but if it weren't for that edge dimple you'd never know.

Those knitting traditions - like blocking - well - those old time knitters knew what they were doing didn't they? Another trip round the washing machine and you'd never pick where it was joined - well, appart from the small dimple in the edge. And that dimple - a cunning plan to identify the join, no a over zelous tightening of the join in an effort to improve the appearance in the non-stretchy cotton yarn.

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