Monday, August 20, 2007

finished !

I've got 2 Pomatomusii , which seems be the plural of Pomatomus(Thanks Donyale). So today we have the obligatory celebratory photos, the other finished item (do washcloths count?), and a new beginning.

Details -
  • Pattern:Pomatomus by Cookie published in Knitty,
  • Yarn: Trekking pro natura 75% Wool 25%Yarn. Started 17th June,
  • Finished 20th August (but there was a fair isle baby blanket in there as well)
  • Needles Brittany 2.25mm dpns
  • Knit again : Yes but try replacing YO with M1's to avoid holes.
  • Comments : nicest shaped and resolved top down heel I've knit yet.

And when grafting the toe, as Pomatomus is top down, I wished I had a darning mushroom. I really have meant to buy one, but never see then in my lys. But while tidying up my stash, and working out what the next filler project was to be I found this - a sock mushroom! I think it is a forgotten heirloom from my MIL's estate. I also think I would like one of those wooden eggs, slightly smaller for grafting the odd smaller sock toe. Lorna, knit guru at our spinners and knitters guild has taught me to graft glove fingers over old fashioned wooden pegs, so one of those needs to be in my work basket as well.

So I also finished the greener than green washcloth. I've never really been happy grafting cotton, and this one is no exception. Oh I love grafting wool yarns, and happily graft toes, and underarms, and even tubular hems on top down cardigans. But cotton, no I don't like it. Why? Because it is very very hard to get it looking seamless. It always looks ok when I stitch it, but once done - unlike wool where a gentle tug settles things into place, well - - - you can see the line of the graft.

But once the wash-cloth is folded in the laundry pile, or even better has a couple of trips through the washing machine under its metaphorical belt, well, no one ever notices - or that is what I tell myself.

And I started a new project, a sweater for Bear, in naturally coloured yarn, slightly sticky but that is the lanolin so my hands are 'oh so soft'. So far we have 8 rows of K2P1 rib, followed by the body in garter rib (that the same rib but every second round is just knit).

thanks, I'm always flattered at the number of visitors, so please do let me know what you like to read about - I'll try to customise it somewhat.


KathyR said...

Love the Pomatomusii! (How I don't like that name - I can't spell it let alone say it - but the pattern is awesome!) The washcloth looks good, too, even if it is very green. Will you use it as a facecloth or for dishes?

Unknown said...

Thing hanging on the grey sweater must be a marker... is it antique? I use a darning egg for intended purpose, and few ever know what I am talking about.

the sox look wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I admire you for making the Pomatomus socks - I'm allergic to K tbl, I think. And please, don't worry about the washcloth grafting. Making your own washcloth deserves extra credit just by itself.