Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ta da!

Finished, last night cast off, ends of i-cord woven in, currently drying after a quick gentle wash. To add still a soft napped cotton backing so the wee newborn babies nails don't snag the floats across the back. And finished 1 month before the baby is due.

Started : 27th May 2007,
Finished : 24th July 2007,
Needles : 3.25 mm,
Finished size : 63 x 80 cm
(25 x 31 inches),

196 stitches in the round,
40 row repeat based on a caridgan chart from Christina Probert's "knitting in vogue"
Blanket has 7 repeats long, 23 repeats across, plus an extra 8 rows so it would finish on a 'matching' section of chart.

Close up of corners and details next time? and of remaining yarn, there is less than 3 m remaining of the green used for the border - I did cut it very close to the point I measured and found 1 m of this yarn knit up a 8cm i-cord bind off edge, then measured the remaining yarn to check I had enough.



Unknown said...

beautiful --a family heirloom to be

KathyR said...

Very, very nice! All your hard work has been well worth it, Stell!

Tanya said...

You have done a fabulous job on this, it is really, really lovely. Can you bring it tonight? You are going to need your house elf for all the extra goodies tonight, oh well house elves don't need sleep, kinda of like parents.

BertandFelix said...

Beautiful blanket!!!

Octopus Knits said...

Great job -- it's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Your blanket came out SO beautiful! It really is a masterpiece. Nice job!