Monday, April 23, 2007

Repeat 72 times

Take plain fish, align it with one of a more colourful nature and stitch carefully together thus. Weave in any ends and repeat . . . . . . . oh . . . . . . . . . around 72 times.

One small - blankie, soft, so soft, but mighty mighlty small for all that effort. Fish are twice as long as wide, so to get this square blankie it took 12 fish by 6 fish. Images of the plan, the wrong side, the right side and the finished blanket.

Dawns a realisation that I like many before me, did not really comprehend the scope of the undertaking. to function as a blanket - of any useful size at least 288 fish are required in sock yarn.

Put aside as an ongoing project, to mop up left over sock yarn, some things can't be hurried.

Next post, finished baby surprise jacket, and the start of a new colour work cardigan for me, me, me.


Sharon in Ireland/NZ said...

Wow, I think it looks great but I don't envy you having to do all that sewing up. I did try emailing you but it keeps getting bounced back to me - I've checked the address and I have it right as you gave it me.

Tanya said...

Gorgeous, love it! Can you bring it to show and tell next time, please?

Marina said...

It's fabulous! A work of art!

I would love to make it but sewing and finishing are not my strong points.

Nanette said...

Wow - that is a lot of fish! I think it is just gorgeous and you deserve a nice break after all that sewing.

Stephermay said...

I love the fishies!! It's beee-youuuu-tiful!