Tuesday, August 02, 2011

One more time, slowely and carefully

Today's post will be brief, Bear has taken the smallest cub out to her swim lesson, and I have tonight's dinner on the stove (Leek and Potato soup or Vichyssoise if there is cream). Elder cub is charged with watching the pot .. but he is a pre-teen boy and easily distracted so I'd best not be away to long.

First of all - Thank you to all those who left comments or otherwise messaged me to say they felt my pain over the Owls, and that they too had been there. I intellectually know I'm not alone in the knit world, and that others have knit-hiccups, but hearing that I am not alone makes the world a smaller place.

So Monday night I frogged the Owls, it was a slow process as the two colours were intrinsically intertwined. Then I rewound the two colours into neat center pull balls. I didn't have to do that but had I left the balls as they were, center pull balls that were used and had frogged yarn wound around them, I would have been reminded with each tug that this was not my first attempt at knitting these.

Tuesday night I started the mitten ..... carefully with the chart on the right side of me and the first Owl mitten on the left side. I wanted as many reminders as I could not to skip any section of the chart.

and here I am today, with the start of a new mitten, that matches the other mitten!
Wish me luck!

Finally - yes there is something odd about the Owl positions Kathy, there are five Owls around the cuff of the mitten, 3 on the 'front' and 2 on the 'back'. There is only one chart for the mittens so both left and right are shaped exactly the same, so when one becomes the left ... well it has a different number of Owls than the one that becomes the right. I'm now wondering if I can play around with the page in an image program and flip it so I have a right and left mitten.

ok soups smells good, cub has wandered in to see if he could watch the pot from another room - time to go and check things.
take care.



Knitting Linguist said...

"Watch the pot from another room", I love it! That's a very teenager question to ask, I find (ask me how I know). Good luck with this iteration of the owls - it's looking good so far, and I think your reminder system will help.

KathyR said...

The newly wound balls of yarn do look good for a fresh start on your last mitten! You will be so thrilled when they are finally finished and warming someone's hands at last.