Sunday, August 28, 2011

KAN Report

a post subtitled - not all of this is for me.

So I've just returned from KAN, with the traveling troupe of Dunedin knitters, not all of them, there were a few that just couldn't make it this year so we numbered four. What an adventure!
Travel to and from Napier was disrupted by fog, with delays, hiring a rental car, driving for 4.5 hours, an overnight stay at the Yaldhurst Tavern followed by at 4:30am start. The Yaldhurst was an old school workman's tavern, where we as impartial non-locals were required to draw the meat raffle before the waitstaff were free to issue our room keys. Travel back involved another 4:30 am start, for a 6:30am flight, which was delayed by 1 hour - resulting in a missed connection and a later flight home.
All that paled into insignificant with KAN, three days of knitters, shopping and learning - such fun.

First stop was the KAN registration desk, and there we picked up the final timetable/info and recieved a wonderful bag of goodies, long dpns, needles for sewing in ends, stitch holders, real coffee, badges, discount cards, yarn samples, and two balls of yarn! Yes really - the local mill has lovely stuff and they shared generously. We four knitters 'pooled' ours so two of the Dunedin knitters went home with project quantities in their fav colours. All of that was packed away in a lovely reuse tote - I got butterflies, but others had faux zebra and some even faux leopard. Behind is some stash enhancement.

I meet lovely Ravelers in person, Just Jussi, Matt, and Sue, Sally and Kate, Sourkraut who started her VP colour-work sock and brought amazing jewellery ... and many others who I have not yet connected in my fuzzy sleep deprived mind to their Ravelry identities. The event was organized by the super amazing Maree ...... who's praises are being loudly sung here[Rav link folks].

There were of course traders, with lovely lovely things. I was restrained, and made modest purchases - leaving plenty for others. I 'had' to have some of Matts fibre, he has the most amazing blends that I just don't see in any other places, the green is suri Alpaca, and the (cough cough) grey blue, is a blend, Merino, Alpaca, Silk and Angora. Little Radiator had the most amazing stock, as she most logically explained she 'loves Frieda' and 'loves knitting' therefore Frieda must have been a knitter! She also designed a tee shirt print that was perfect for teaching steeking in ...... and the felt 'badges' with Spinner, and vintage spinning and knitting prints. She has so many cool badges that my wee head was fair spinning. I now have visions of decorating an old fashioned blanket with her badges in the style of a girl guide or scout who has attended many jamborees.

Back to the stash acquisition, amongst that is also a ball of Kauni - Danish Yarn with fabulously long colour shifts and glowing colours. There is also a bag of mill-scrap, pencil roving, in super-wash merino, the blue and orange which is destined for a baby blanket. And a few wee pairs of the most amazing mini scissors - Hiya Hiya Puppy Snips. I also bought Teosinte - because it was there and I fell in like with it very much.

I took the current baby blanket as my to do first project. The baby shower is on Tuesday aka tomorrow. Not only did I finish it but it was blocked in the motel room with stunning views of the ocean and bay and sky blue skies. I do have photo of that but is on Karens Camera as I forgot to take one (Doh!). What I do have is a photo of the finished read to gift blanket at home _ I had to fudge the pattern to get it out of the <500m I had, so omitted one or two charts and developed a more economical edge. I am in awe of Anne's lace designing - aren't you?

There was non -knitting and spinning, Napier has some of the most amazing vintage shops. Toby has developed an interest in things to do with vintage aircraft - so these NZ Air force buttons seemed a good score. The other vintage buttons will easily find a home in my own button collection.

To complete the weekend I arrived home to a small international packet of book things, my very own bone folder, and bookbinding needles, curved and straight. And Bear just rang to see if I was here, he has just collected the cubs from school and will be here in 10 minutes ....

So I'm off to put on the kettle and get ready to catch up with family things, na Stella

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful baby blanket. You are such a talented spinner & knitter.
Love knowing you - you are inspirational!