Saturday, August 20, 2011

Not much to show around here this post,

and there might not be much for a wee while yet. I'm having one of those 'away' weeks, Monday and Tuesday away to the North Island. I am home Wednesday which is lucky as that is the night the cubs perform on the town hall stage ... and mu parenting reputation would be trashed if I wasn't there. Last year only one cub performed but we were not quick enough to buy tickets and the show sold out. There was some serious pouting from that cub ... and I made sure I was there on the morning tickets went on sale to avoid the same fate this year. Thursday I fly out to KAN .....back Sunday. I guess there will be knitting but not a lot of time to post.

So this week I managed to turn a heel. Much as a I like toe up socks occasionally I find a pattern that I like so much I knit it as written, even if it is top down. Revival is such a sock, and even though I love toe up the heel on a top down is at times a magic thing. This is one of those heels, I've knit the flat, turned the corner, worked the heel cup, and am in the midst of decreasing away the gusset. As always I couldn't leave the pattern alone, and I've added 3 extra stitches to the instep - so I have have a tiny baby cable on each side of the instep not just on the left.

And these are the other knit project, the semi urgent one. These are my steeking samples for KAN, my class is called Getting the Chop and these swatches are made to chop. That is what I am off to do now, finalize my teaching stuff so I have diagrams and instructions and all that I need to have knitters happily stitching and snipping into their knitting for two and a half hours. I'm planning to start with a demonstration, and then hand around the demo swatch, all steeked - that should set the class off on a confidence seeing-is-believing footing. After that students will steek and then work two different edges ... .. .

I'll post when I can, don't panic if a midweek post doesn't happen, I'll be knitting even if not posting.
until then - take care

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Knitting Linguist said...

Good luck with all of your travels! And good luck to your students - it looks like you've got them set up to steek with confidence :)