Saturday, August 06, 2011

Nearly back to where I was

since Tuesday I have been knitting, and doing a little spinning. Well I have also been working, and doing family things like cooking and ironing and putting cubs to bed. In terms of fibre stuff, I have been knitting the mitten (again) and carefully and so far it goes well. I've also found myself in with another knitter in the house.

I did manage to reverse the mitten chart, I had to print it out, scan it, and then import it into an image program and then flip it and print it again. I just couldn't get a format that would import it directly into an image program. A little fiddly but seems to have done the trick, especially as the chart used capital M's for make one, and the decreases were directionally marked by a diagonal line. When the chart was flipped all the decreases just turned over and the capital M's just did the same and looked like capital M's.

In the original chart there were five Owls, and the left and right mittens were charted the same. With the chart flipped - now I have a left and right that are mirror images of each other!

And this is the 'other' knitter in my house, the one who sat down today and decided to make a purse. She cast on 10 stitches and worked a bit, decided it would be to small, frogged it and cast on again. At this stage she has worked a button hole and is working the body of the purse, counting rows and all. From her description the purse will start out an oblong, and she will fold it up a bit like an envelope and stitch the edges together and attach a button. I'm rather proud of my wee 9 year old knitter - I think she is shaping up well. Littlest cub is still keen on knitting her own colour work Owls, and I have promised her that once her main project is cast off... we will sort two yarns (maybe even buy some specially!) and get her started with charts.

Take care, I've got to go and ruffle in a fibre cupboard.
Tomorrow is spinning night and I've got to go and sort some fibre to spin, I've spun all that I had on the go and its not ready to ply yet. I like to let it sit for a few days especially if I plan to ply from the inside and outside of a center pull ball.

na Stella


rozemie said...

Hello ! I found your blog on a rainy sundayafternoon, bloghopping around. I think your mittens look awesome ! with this bad weather, (it's supposed to be summer over here !) I am thinking to cast on mittens too. I like the little owls, but I prefer cats. Perhaps I can change the chart slightly to make them into cats... Anyway, carry on, they look great ! Greetings from Belgium, Rozemie.

Knitting Linguist said...

Hooray for younger Cub! She's looking very knitterly there - I love it. And the mittens are also looking good, I'm so glad that your chart-flipping exercise worked out, I think they look good that way.

I just saw an article on double-knitting in IK (along with a citation of a new book coming out), and between that and your experiments, I am finding myself increasingly interested. I think I may have found my next knitting challenge (must get some things off the needles first)...

KathyR said...

Oooo, Youngest cub certainly is doing well! Good on her! The mittens are coming on a treat and look lovely with the three owls on the same side. I'm sure that all the trouble you went to to flip the chart will be well worth it in the end.
Perhaps I had better confess here that it was my DH who noticed the slight off-centredness of the owl in the last mitten, not me. I just report these things!