Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The one where Bear finally gets a custom sock

Many years ago I began to knit socks, and like any knitting enthusiast I shared my hand knit socks with those I love. Bear has over the years received many many hand knit socks, some knit specially for him, some knit and that he wistfully yearned for so much so I decided he could have them even though I had not specifically cast on those socks for him. At some point in my sock knitting history I asked for a yarn for 'men' socks, and Vintage Purls delivered - with Bears Bunker. Over the years I have bought several skeins of Bears Bunker, I have even knit with it, and beyond that way back in 2009 I knit socks - but not for Bear.

So it is about time that Bear had socks in Bears Bunker .... or at this moment in time Sock.

The sock is done, and the second will be cast on tonight, Last night I wove the toe, and had Bear test fit the sock, whilst I love these dpns circs are much easier to try on socks with. There were a few worries with this sock, not about the sock itself or the pattern, but about the sock fitting Bear. Bear has cuter feet than I, he has squarish feet, with round toenails, and wider feet than I .... and the Revival pattern suggested sizing up by using a larger needle to knit the sock. Now in my world socks are knit firm, 9spi, on 2.25mm needles, and that is how it is. So I knit the sock as written, but on my sock needles (2.25mm) not 2.75mm and hoped for the best. The best being that the sock would fit Bear without cutting off all circulation to his back paws, the back up plan was that I would score the socks. The other worry was that as these were top down and at a much firmer gauge than the pattern suggested .. and with lots of twisted traveling stitches and mock-baby cables ... perhaps I would run out of yarn.

Happy ending in that the socks fit, he says they are 'firm' but not in a bad way, and I have 7.5g of yarn left over from the 50 grams I started with for this sock.

All in all a good result.
I'm off to look up my homework for the Jacey Boggs from Insubordiknit workshop that is being held this weekend.

One of these days I am sure my family will try and restrict my play time given how often I am not here in the weekends because of fibre things.



Anonymous said...

Longtime lurker here - enjoy your weekend with Jacey - she is a blast and a fount of spinning knowledge. She is an excellent teacher in every sense of the word.

Knitting Linguist said...

I'm guessing that they won't restrict your play time, given how they benefit from the results! That's a gorgeous sock - I'm glad it's fitting where it should :) Enjoy the workshop - it sounds amazing!

KathyR said...

Very nice sock. I think it is always a worry in the back of the mind that a sock will fit properly when it is a pattern which is slightly out of our comfort zone, for one reason or other, plus not being simple to fit during the knitting process. Love the colour, but then I have always liked Bear's Bunker. Very manly! Good to see you at the workshop even though we were both rather too busy to talk much. Soooo tired by the end! Hope that I've retained at least some of the information we were taught.