Saturday, July 30, 2011

There are two possible titles for this post

one is 'Bother' written in small light pale and quiet letters with a sense of patience and acceptance and the other is 'Arrrgggghhhhhh' in bolder, more strident tones.

Right now I'm not sure which is the better one ...
Some knitting projects fly off the needles, leaving smiles and good warm feeling in their wake, other projects demand more attention and reward with satisfaction when the project is successfully completed. Then there are projects that feel like battle, and with any battle there is a decision to be made, how far is too far, how important is it to win - in the sense that knitting is not really considered a competitive sport?

I'm at that stage.
Current progress on the double knit mitten finished just above thumb gusset last night - here -

which left me feeling quite pleased until I compared the mitten on the needles with the one off the needles .... and found -

See that? the missing dotted band that should be bleow the owls?

Still that kind of feels ok until I remember ... that this is the third mitten ... of a pair, which still is not too bad until ...

I remind myself these are double knit so technically each mitten is two knitted mittens !

Which reminds me, perhaps inside out might be the solution since the inside is the negative of the outside?
Nope! Still the same.

And to top it off my long time Knit buddy Yo-yo deserted me, walking right on by.

Not even stopping to see what I had done.

Denial - ?
or disappointment?

Anyway - today will be about frogging ......and laughing ... how could I be so dumb?

take care


Sharon said...

It looks like you have a family of mittens: a daddy mitten, a mummy mitten and a little baby mitten!

4th time lucky maybe :)

KathyR said...

Personally, I think Arrrggghhhh!!! would be a little closer to my reaction than "bother". Just slightly. I do feel your pain but I don't know how you can laugh off all that work quite so, well, lightly. (the word verification for this comment is "sanest" - a little appropriate here, perhaps, but definitely not for me if this had happened to my knitting!)
A query - the unfortunate mitten, is this one turned around slightly more, or less, than it's mate? There appear to be only two owls showing on the uncompleted mitten while there are three on the finished one. The little owl nearest the thumb doesn't seem to start quite as close to the thumb as the completed mitten. Is this the way it is meant to be? Or should this be altered on the next go-round?
I also think that I forgot to express my admiration for the very, very beautiful shawl you were gifted recently - absolutely gorgeous! So appropriate, too. Well done to the very talented crafter who made it!

Kate/Massachusetts said...

I have counting issues usually! Seems I really can't count past the number "1". Stripes do me in! ;-)

We all do things like that. I think all the frogging and reknitting is what makes us master knitters!

SH said...

My fiance heard me going "Oh no!", saw what happened to your mittens and said "You do realized that happens to you too sometimes." :S Well yea... happy frogging! I feel your pain... :(

DrChopSuey said...

I stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say hello! Even with the counting error your mittens are coming along very nicely. Good luck and cannot wait to see the FO! :)

Knitting Linguist said...

Oh, NO! I think I'd be leaning towards the AAAAARGH!!! post title, plus a nice glass of wine. Good luck with the frogging - fourth time's a charm?

Anonymous said...

At least you discovered the error prior to starting on the lining!