Friday, January 25, 2008

Turning a new corner

Today, I've turned the heel and photos to show, I added a fake seam to the possum merinos sleeve, so a video showing that, and I didn't swatch, but I did sample twining vs stranding, so some technique show and tell, and I'll update on the vest quest. I've also had my nose in a book for much of the last few days, this arrived and the colour work chapters are amazing. Plus, blogs that make knitters happy, I've been nominated (thanks Joclyn), and there are so many great knit-blogs out there its made me think, I'll post my own list mid week, but its not easy to choose.

First, the CB Bartholomews Tantalizing sock heel went well, I blindly flowed the instructions and though unconventional, the heel is very nicely formed. I knew about the under heel from the photos in the book, but it still seemed a surprise to have knit a slip stitch panel under the heel. In hindsight that seems like a fine idea, cushioning and hole protection. And look! All the slip stitched ribs lined up, how magic is that?

Toby's first sleeve is done and as a treat/reward I laddered the under seam and added one of Elizabeth Zimmermans fake seams, first came the ladder.

Then, picking up the loops and re-knitting them one and two at a time.

And the video, just in case this is new info.

Then, I got to wondering about the twined knitting, mostly because I cast on and knit the cuff of sleeve two last night , but got the count wrong. The second cuff was a full 4 stitches short, and surprisingly smaller. So I frogged, but the twined section was not so easy to frog, Bear was called to help and we eventually got there. I began to wonder just how different twined knitting looked from stranded knitting, so cast on a tester to see. Mostly I couldn't face reworking the cuff so late at night. Robin Hansen is very clear in the introduction to the English translation of Twined knitting, that stranding is not twined knitting, and is not a substitute, and the two look vastly different, so I experimented.

What fun, first I knit a section stranded, then a chain divider and a section twined, then another chain, double this time, and a stocking stitch section.

First on show is the twined sample, followed by stranded, twined has the yarns continually twisting around each other in a clockwise rotation every stitch. The fabric is flatter and far more vertical in appearance than the stranded. I do have to say in the photo the vertical twists are much more prominent than in the swatch.

Stranded has the yarns remaining above and below and not twisting. This fabric is fuller, thicker and more like regular knitting. The difference is quite marked, or at least I think so.

Lastly is a view of the back of the knitting, with stranded below and twined above, the very different appearance makes it easy to identify from the back. Interestingly the 1x1 stranded seems as non-roll as the twined, so that is another easy option instead of twining, but not authentic so needs a new name.

Opps, I nearly forgot the vest update, and yes I could knit all of them, I know many of you like the corset, but I'm not sure I'd wear it, oh I'd really enjoy knitting it and it is still lovely but not on the list. I really enjoy the selection phase, and I'm not finished looking. I'll let you know.



Kirsty said...

How interesting! I'd not come across twined knitting before- fascinating to see your swatches

Knitting Linguist said...

See? *This* is one of the many things I love about your blog -- process! Right there for all of us to see :) Thanks. I'm finding the stranded/twined thing very interesting...I'll have to see if I can find a resource book to have around on twined knitting. Meanwhile, I've been looking lustfully at pictures of selbuvotter mittens -- how necessary do you think *those* are in SoCal? :)

Diantee said...

So are you going to make any of the projects in the new book?

Sarah said...

I love that sock! I keep hearing such good things about Cat Borhi's new book. I might have to check it out. I also love the twined knitting. Have yet to give it a try, but it's great to see comparison shots with stranded knitting:)