Saturday, March 14, 2015

Update - long overdue

Hello, life seems a litte out of sync with blogging right now - two weeks ago elder cub spent several sessions in A&E followed by two nights in hospital. He is ok - we have referrals to specialists and our family doctor is being amazing - as are his school. He has missed several assessments and has things to catch up. I know he is not back to normal - as his is a teenage boy and he is not gaming and online very much. Just as he was discharged I attended Unwind 2015, and taught two classes, and bought more yarn than I intended to. I love knitting events - the people who attend are almost permanent friends - we maybe don't see each other in a year and then the conversation just picks up and continues.

Silver green -stray cat yarn


I've finally finished the socks I cast on way back in June 2014. Given these are for younger cub, who is a 12 year old nearly as tall as her dad - it was a bit risky leaving finishing these for so long. Lucky that the socks are a little bigger than intended, so thee is even growing room in this pair. And once she has finished growing - they will fit me! I worked an afterthought heel, working decreases every third round for three rounds, then every second round till I had two sets of 12 stitches left. Right now they look a a little 'flappy' but I'm sure with a block and a wear they will be more foot shaped.



I taught a class on double knitting, and thought since I had finished my samples for teaching I really should have an exciting project on the needles to inspire the students. So I begun a hat, cheese head. I worked a little more ribbing to make the hat a little less lean

And I have been all inspired by students who are wanting to include beading in their current design work, so I've been reminding myself about tambour beading. This wee heart took just over and afternoon - and I am slightly surprised at how easily it was to resume beading and sequins. Totally beaded and sequined and backed with felt - fresh lavender inside.

More soon, a new project. Well two projects - and stash to share.

Na Stella