Thursday, January 17, 2008

Quick update - re latest video.

Bother, there is a problem with the Twined Chain video, it seems to hitch up and stop at the 8 second mark, but I found if you just drag the slider on a little and it will resume play. I've uploaded it twice - but the problem still exists (I'm blaming Blogger - it plays just fine at home) and on u-tube) so here is a link to the u-tube post, if I can't get it working ......

sorry about that, if any one has a nice fix please do tell.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm officially requesting a session where you teach me to purl continental the way you do!

Anonymous said...

You do IT wrong! You skall hold both trends in tor Richter hand. I Knowl a LOT of twined knatting. Have you heard of " Lings gesäller" in sweden? I'm one of them. Leran from someone hos can this before you put films of wrong tvinga.