Monday, June 29, 2015

There might be some spinning going on


I seemed to be at a loose end, the cardigan is done, it's winter here so dark and cold on the way to and from work. I'm not feeling the need for a new project -nothing calls me or my needles right now.

So I dug around in my fibre stash, found a 100g braid of Vintage purls NZ Perendale in a colourway called Utah. It's warming, it's cheery, it's soft - so I used my trusty chop stitcks and made small fauxlogs like shown here. Mine seemed neater . . . There are lots of blogs and videos and online demonstrations showing how, some use dowel, some chopsticks. Then I spun, long draw, 50g in two evenings, fauxlog spinning is woolen spinning and fast.

Spinning is good, fills the spot where knitting isn't. There is an empty spot here right now, Yo-yo our little furry family member reached the end of her life last Friday, it was sad, there is a quiet cat shaped hole in our lives, and all of us are coming to terms with her not meeting us at the door, joining us in whatever room we are in, and just generally being part of our lives. Here she is - sleeping on the heated pet mat we bought once we realized she was elderly. She loved that mat, she was so relaxed she didn't even curl up firmly into a cat spiral, and I think she wondered why we didn't buy one earlier. I think that because Yo-yo was so much part of finishing knitting, always there for the photo shoot or the blocking I'm not ready to knit anything yet, I'm just not quite ready to finish something and block without her.

This is how we remember her, with us in the living room at night, that time Bear made the mistake of putting down a arch file folder -it only took her a moment to claim the spot as her own. After that no folder was safe.

Our other memories are of her running up the path as we arrived home everyday, bounding between us to race to the door and get in, with us. And of course the classic cat pose, she slept in on the top of the sofa in the sun, even when there wasn't sun.

We miss her, na Stella,