Sunday, August 27, 2006

I'm in, the baby-bohuser is back for a long overdue update

And after a long break, I'm able to get back to blogging. What happened ?- Life, small children, study, winter, friends, lots and really nothing. But I'm back to the blog. After what seems like a long hiatus, I am finally updating. At home, earlier today I still could not access my blogger account. I could not even access the home page to log in, so this is a remote update - from off site. Not big deal to anyone except my photos are not here to upload. I will try again latter. .. and latter I did try, only to find my broadband modem no longer flashing like a christmas tree, but with 3 non blinking steady lights. So a quick power down of everything, power up the modem, then the mac, and here we are. Good, sure, speady access to blogger.

Blue shimmer, well she grows still slowley, but faster than the back did. Fewer stitches you see, much fewer. Sleeves sure are faster to knit than the back, I have only the hem on the last sleeve, to do, then the front. I have two compete skeins left of yarn. I am a little concerned that they might not be enough to finish. I have made the sleeves longer, but am knitting the smallest size so should be fine - but two skeins seems not enough. I have mentally tried to imagine the sleeve - which took one skein - as a area equivilent to the back which is the same as the front. Well minus the short row neck line shaping. It is a little like doing metal gymnastics. Before I start to use that last skein, if it seems to far to go to get to the hem, I will email Solveig Gustafsson and ask to buy another skein. That way I can alternate the yarns in with a new and old skein to prevent any dye pot dissimilarities. I had hoped to make Mrs Beetons, by Brenda Dayne, with any left overs. Worrying that there will not be enough yarn makes me a little sad. Although there is always the next Bohus- Rose collar and the left overs from that to look forward to ....

Thank you, Bertandfelix, for your comment(s), Lovely blog you have. Again I suffer from slightly green envy, maybe mint or sage? at the thought of being in a workshop learning Bohus, and other wonderful stuff, sourrounded by like minded people. Here I am surrounded by those who love fashion and design, but have more of a Margiella or Nom-D interest. The idea of spending months re-creating a vintage peice seems odd to them. Only slightly green mind you, in the nicest possible way. I realise I am just a Baby-bohuser, nearly fiished number one, 2nd in the drawer wanting to be done, and plans for more. There are many more experienced Bohusers out there. New Zealand is a great place to live, mostly green, mostly friendly, mostly warm, mostly affordable, aparently all that most people want. It just so far from much of the world, my friends in London can get to New York on a special deal, return for around $300 NZ, for me to get to new york from here is $2500. Really big difference in the amount of savings required there. Still we have internet, jobs, and I drive thru the town green belt to work every day, takes around 7 minutes max from home to work, park outside and get to teach fashion to degree students - how cool is that?

Socks, toe up, gusset heel,
Progress, well, maybe before one modifies a pattern just because they like a firmer gauge, one should really understand the pattern. I did make notes, I have kept track, I am good at math, but some how have lost my way mid heel. That coupled with the fact my LYS is out of extra balls of yarn to match and it looks like I really need one - lets just say that sock will be ravelled or as my blog title goes knitknit frog-ed. Now there was a reason for that title.