Friday, November 13, 2015

Well I could go back and fill in the gaps,

Or I could just pick up with where I am now. This year the blog has been a lower priority, there has been lots going on off line and simply put - sitting down to make photos, blog and even think has been more difficult to fit into the hours available. With the end of the year drawing closer it seems easier to find time. The garden is in, sort of, weeds cleared, and some plants in, more growing from seed waiting to be big enough to transfer.

I seem surrounded by people with a handle on gardening, they have gardens that grow things, sweet peas and vegetables. It has rubbed of, up until now I've usually got seedlings in and then left them to their own devices. Being plants - they don't much in the way of devices - so left unwatered and alone they struggled. This year I am determined to do better, so we have herbs in, more strawberries (not enough - there is never enough of those), and sugar snap peas (Cubs choice), and sweet peas. The sweet peas are the driver, when ever I'm gifted a bunch I want my own garden to be filled with those - so this year I ahve bought seedlings, and raised seeds. Some of the seeds we gifted from Julia, others bought. This is the third batch of seedlings we have raised from seeds and so far it's looking good. I need to say it's mid spring here so gardening time for us.

I finished the cardigan of the last blog, it's high wasted but suits a few dresses I own and wear. I wish there was more of this yarn, a mohair merino blend that is lovely to work and warm to wear. I felt like I played chicken with the yarn, but everyone is right, three skeins of sock yarn will give a little lightweight cardigan. I had six matching buttons, in two sizes, and figured I never do up the lower button on a cardigan - so placed them close enough to reduce any gape. The pattern was April come she will and I followed it moslty until I got to the underarms - then I just went ahead and finished it as I thought I should, with a deep band so single ribbing and button holes where I wanted them.

I've also being playing yarn chicken with a different cardigan, Featherweight, which I've knit before in lace weight. This time I am using sock, a rather bright pink sock yarn. Trouble is I bought three skeins, but broke into one to use as a contrast on a hat. So I have 2.6 skeins. Featherweight is a 'casual' cardigan, and i am knitting it at a less firm gauge than I usually would - and I don't might it short in the body - so it should be fine.

I've also made some changes, like a faced hem for the cuffs (still thinking how to do something similar on the body and not the front and edge finish), and full length sleeves. I have just over 100 grams left, to work the body and then the front-neck band. It should be fine, or at least that is what I keep telling myself.

It is a bright pink - but not quite as bright as the image suggests. Will look great with navy blue dr martinis and a dark charcoal dress. Maybe.

Na Stella