Tuesday, August 07, 2007

sorry its tuesday night -

I fly out tomorrow morning at 10ish, and have nothing to post. Oh there has been some knitting, the fannigan sleeve is now around 22 cm. I'm off for work and workish things until Saturday. I get to hand over the baby blanket - and am visiting a shop where they offer the City and Guilds certificates in embroidery but not in hand knitting. We, a local knitter and I are interested and want to see if they can offer the knitting one. They also stock Noro - so I'm quite keen to see and touch that.

So - back saturday, but maybe sunday before I blog. There are 2, count em - two, birthday parties to attend to in the weekend - lucky kids. Although one is a vintage screening of a thunderbirds movie - so that could be fun and interrupt the knitting on Sunday.

see you

I always kind of envy'd those who traveled for work, seemed kind of special and fun, but now that i have done a bit this last few months - it isn't all its cracked up to be .. and I miss the last bit of the gansey workshop :-(.

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