Friday, August 17, 2007

half a finished object ...

Today - my first Pomatomus sock is finished, so one down and half one to go. I am warming a little to the lace now she is finished, but Poppy - aged 5 - did exclaim "but you made it full of holes!"Maybe holes in knitting are not her thing either? Of course in this photo, the holes don't show. During the week I tried this single finished sock over black opaque tights and they looked really really good. As I said - I'm warming to them, I love the way the 'waves' flow from leg to heel flap, and it has to be one of the nicest fitting and shaped heel cups I have knitted so far.

Inpsired by Helen from the latest Yarnivale to think about how best to photograph socks, I set myself up on the front door stairs just like she did, with camera. She is right - when you stop to think and plan - it is hard to photograph your own feet. There were some cute front door creatures who insisted on being in the shot, concrete cat, and our non identical bootscrapper twins dash-hound and hedgehog. That I admit is a bout as cute as my house gets, apart from the kids, the cutesy-things go outside. My dad has given me a painted folk art roster cast iron door bell, with a large school house bell to ring - but we just can't bring ourselves to install it. I'm sure he is offended. But now I discuss the front door animals - I can see why he gave us the rooster door bell.

I realised how close I was to finishing these socks last thursday, so have knit only Pomatomus since. Fannigan is on hold, for now, I look forward to the exitment of selecting a new background project - socks, hat, I'm really not sure what is next..... Diamante maybe? Brother Amos? I've made my donation - so the pattern will be mine soon?
Here is Pomatomus the 2nd of the pair, I've nearly finished the gusset decreases just the foot to go. Looking after them is Concrete Cat, bought as a memorial to my first ever cat, Moses, a girl-cat I got as a kitten when I was 14. We had family cats before, but Moses was mine - or as mine as a cat can ever be. She lived to be 23 years old - and for most of that was a scratchy, grochety, grummpy cat with sharp claws, except for when she sat on my knee when I knitted. The face just reminded me of her attitude, we were here when she wanted us, for food and warm cuddles- and the rest of the time we were just in the way and told so in no uncertain terms.

And while fossicking around the cast-on site I found these - and I feel the deep need to earn me some badges. Maybe basic math?

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Donyale said...

Thanks for your kind comments - you have 1 super dooper good friend of mine listed in your side bar (Jussi) and I also know Sharon (Clickety knits)....and I too have come to love the Pomatomusii.

Yours look lovely - Bells (Helen) would be proud of your photography.