Friday, August 24, 2007

Sleeve - nearly one done, one to go ...

Today, sleeve update, and - well I've got a shop bought cardigan or two to share (I know, is that allowed for a knitter? - gasp - shock - horror). One has been in my wardrobe since beforeToby was 1 - and now he is 8. Its a little worn, but still a firm favourite, so much so I'm using it to estimate how long to knit the sleeves and body of Fannigan. And its got the cutest little neck line detail - that I'd love to incorporate into a garment one day. So the sleeve, I've knit 50 cm of a planned 54 cm, so close, sleeve no2 could probably be born tonight ...

So here is my favourite red cardigan. You know those wardrobe advice articles in magazines and on tv that ask you if you buy the same item over and over. Some how its OK if the item is blue jeans, or black wool pants, or classic Converse Sneakers, but not so OK if the item is a noticeable signature piece - like a red cardigan. Well I'm apparently a sucker for Red cardigans. I've got two at the moment, both blue based reds, both with "textile" features. First an almost vintage Sabatini cardigan with pretty little mesh flowers trapped between two mesh layers around the front neckline. So cute, really fitted, super stretchy, great over a little cami top or singlet or dress, or with jeans.I love the fit of this little red cardie so much I've used it to provide the measurements for Fannigan, Little Red Sabatini (LRS) has sleeves 50 cm long, and a body 31 cm long. I'm making Fannigan with sleeves 54 cm and the body 34 cm. And unlike LRS which has waist shaping Fannigan will be boxy, and not so snug.

But ... ... ... ... now Fannigan looks like this - which seems odd. I've measured and rechecked, and finally realise that the visual 'weight' of the yoke is missing so the proportions do look wrong. But I trust my measurements, so I'll knit on. Plus although this has my favorite blue based intense red - its not another red cardigan. And that neck detail on LRS, little mesh flowers in different colours, caught between two layers of sheer mesh. I'm sure I could work that into a future cardigan or jersey, maybe a band of knitted open lace like fishnet between the body of the garment and the neck ribbing?

The other red cardigan in my wardrobe right now is newer, bought a few months ago, a red Mild Red zip front cardigan with a tucked back and woven shoulder details. That tucking detail on the back is inspiring, It gives me ideas for i-cord, and knit tucks, and sewn tucks and traveling cables - all sorts of little interesting details that we knitters know about. The tucking on this one pulls the back in close to the body, and then it flares out like a vintage victorian jacket.

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