Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tagged, me ? why I'm flattered

Today I do have some knitting progress to show you, on the fair isle baby blankie, and a new video, plus i've been tagged.
So the new video is in response to a request, gosh I'm feeling popular this week, video requests and tagged! Its enough to go to a gals head. Spinalpaca asked at utube if I would do a video of just the 'winding the yarn around my fingers' as the video clips of that bit were a tad fast to see what was happening. So here is it.

So the blanket is at 9cm, out of a possible 90 cm, but that was the bed size, and I need to check if Gill wants the blanket bed sized or shorter to allow 'breathing space'. Here is the outside and the inside, the floats are all flat and fairly short - but we will probably still line the blanket. Baby fingers are little and they have sharp nails to snag things with.

Tanya tagged me with 8 random things, which is is either the up side or down side of blogging. I love to read the answers to being tagged, so I guess I have to provide some.

The Rules:
1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged write a blog post about their own 8 random things and post these rules.
3. At the end of your blog you need to tag 8 people and post their names.
4. Don't forget to leave them a comment and tell them they're tagged, and to read your blog.

Ok - here goes, stuff you never needed to know.
1, I began my work life as a civil engineering cadet in a govt organisation called the Ministry of Works, I was young, I took the first job they offered me, I was naive, I didn't realise that if you liked technical drawing at school it could get you 40 years of drawing cross sections of roads, I expected to draw cool houses. Naive or dumb - you decide.

2, I loath bananas, my Dad loves to point out I ate them with gusto (whatever that is!) as a baby, but not now. I used to nearly puke when my kids ate them mashed up, what does everyone else see in that slimey fruit?

3, I love my job, looove it, looooooove it except the very few days it drives me wild, and there are not many of them. I couldn't imagine doing anything quite so satisfying - and I never set out to have this kind of job. I studied what I enjoyed and here I am. This week was especially good, I got to visit and review another degree in fashion, My teaching team mate won an incredibly teaching award, and 2 of our final year degree students did well in international competions!

4, At 17 I took apart a 2-stroke engine, to draw for a technical drawing class, I drew all the components up to scale and with plans and elevations. We had to draw something and my dad is a mechanic so the engine it was. I'm not sure what I learned other than being careful, engines that have been used are full of black greasy oily stuff, and to measure things carefully. I never put it back together. The boys in the class were all in awe, I was the quite bookmouse type and they didn't expect that. I remember the boys drew stuff like a frisbee, a padlock, and a door handle (the outsides only), for some reason I always took the more complicated path.

5, My Nana's maiden name was Ricketts, and her first baby was still born shortly after the war, following a 2 day labour, she went on to have 5 more children. I can not imagine how strong a women she must have been to face labour again after that, way back then. She is now very frail, but still here, and a great nana to 8 great grand kids. She is at the other end of the country.

6, I spent the first 2 years of my life as a nomad around England, Scotland, Spain, Italy and the dirt bike motor circuit. A baby petrol head, in a tent, and a combi van, I've seen the photos and the ones taken of me and my little sister on the ship 'home' to new zealand, and my early memories seem to be of those photos.

7, I went to 2 primary schools, 3 intermediates, and 3 secondary schools between 5 and 17 as my dad moved around getting new jobs all the time, You are only at intermediate for 2 years in New Zealand. I even was bought a school uniform for one school and didn't even go, we were off before the year started. Down side, I have lots of quick friends but don't seem to develop the lasting ones .... guess I didn't get the practice in, or got wary of making and loosing them so often.

8, I loath wet paper, so no paper towels at my place. Wet paper makes my skin crawl. yuck.

and Tagging, with mass aplogies to anyone who has already been tagged and any one who feels I have invaded their space, Sorry ...
Well, all my fellow nz knit bloggers, Beverley, KathyR, Knitonlybutalso, Sharon, and I was going to include Bessie but sadly I can't. And a fellow fish blogger, Crankygirl, and Jane.


Tanya said...

Who knew you were so weird?! Oh wait thats right I did! Wet paper? Seriously?........Damn I have to ask even though I am going to look pervie, how about toilet paper? Just asking:)

Unknown said...

Hmmm... maybe as a baby you were washed up with wet paper towels after getting banana all over your face?

Unknown said...

Oh, and here are my answers to the meme!

Stell said...

toilet paper seems to escape the wet paper thing, it seems to be only if I have to see & touch it, - I never thought of tp as wet paper - now Im telling myself not to even think about that ..

what gross's(grosses ? spelling) me out the most is wet paper newsprint that some people use to wash and dry windows with and wet paper with food on it ---soggy, yucky wet paper ....which sticks to your hands and clings .... eeewww