Thursday, May 24, 2007

Video - 2 colours in left hand

Here is the promised video of my Fana inspired cardie being knit. I'm knitting the two colours, both held in the left hand. I am making sure I stretch out the stitches on the right needle to stop the stranding from forming to tightly. This is a trick I learned ages ago from Wendy on her fair-isle tips page. I tried to leave a nice note to her about minds thinking alike, as we both had titled our most recent blog entries 'a tale of two socks' me on the 15th May and her on the 16th May! But her comments are closed!

I've been temped to try Diamante, by Deb Barnhill, a toe up gusset heel sock with a formulae to make sizing easy. Suzanne's been filling me in on the finer points of difference between Diamante and Widdershins. I am a convert to Debs Blog and Suzanne has told me how many sock Debs knits, at one point it sounds like near on 13 socks in a month! Truely two women after my own warmed by knitted socks heart. I love the idea of scientifically planned socks.

I have hit a low spot with Fana, in that the yarn by daylight is a lovely deep red and a great petrol blue which changes by night into a bottle green. Yuck! She feels like a christmas cardigan, from a xmas special. I'm begining to think Fana should have been grey and white or black and white, more dramatic and 'stylie'. That night time green is a real turn off. Its probably mid project blues, I still love the yarn and the pattern.

I've been playing in i-movie o4, we have an old mac computer. but .... I can't work out how to save the edited and be-titled movie to a .mov format - so huge apologies for the lack of sophistication in this movie clip. I tried - and failed.


Suzanne said...

Once again, you have made it look very easy to do colorwork. Alas, it was brought home to me just how much I came to take DSL for granted while in California - I could have knit a few rounds of a sock in the time it took to load the video on dial up! Speaking of socks, it is more than 13 pairs (26+ socks) that Deb knit in the first few weeks of the 52 pair plunge, and I'm sure she has made a few more since then. I was envious enough to learn that she could knit a patterned sock in 8 hours; the news that she can crank out a non-patterned one in 6 1/2 hours filled me with despair! I keep muttering to myself: "It's the process that matters!", but I am still somewhat green with envy.

Tanya said...

Don't you hate that when that happens, when you lose fever for something. Maybe you should put it down for a few days and play with something else. Chekc out this version of Venezia from IK at Be still my beating heart, that is beautiful colourwork. Sorry I haven't got back to you, big slackass I am. Next Wednesday night?

KathyR said...

You do make colourwork look easy! Me? I'm rather unco-ordinated, especially on dpn's which I used for my Oslo-Cairo hat, and my knitting never goes as smoothly as yours! Nice work, and I like the colour - but then I can't see it at night. Would you wear it mostly at night or in the daylight?

Anonymous said...

WOW - excellent - that's how you do that. Love it. Wish I had found it sooner.

Louise said...

WOW!!! I am going to give this a try. I have all the material for the Noni Medallion Travel bag but just have been afraid to give it a try. With the help of your video, I am willing to take the plunge.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

do you have any photos of you wrapping the yarn around your left fingers. i keep watchign the video and i can't quite get what you are doing. i would love to try how you do it
teri p