Friday, April 13, 2007

Video - I'm rib-K2P1'ing

So this is just a trial, as I've probably got the settings all wrong (leave a comment and let me know please), but here is me ribbing. Many many thanks to Bear, my resident photo buddy who adapted his skills to shoot his first video. Opps seems the video is missing - but I'll work on that and sort it, in the mean while try this link
Before I adopted the finish purl I found ribbing a right pain in the ****, but now it just flows see ...

enjoy, I did slow down my progress a little for clarity, usually I would rib a little faster. this is not the norwegian purl (scroll down), in that the yarn stays on the far side of the needles and the needle twists right back over - I have tried that, but ... felt it pulled my stitches wide open and deformed them. Not saying it did, just I didn't like what I thought it did to my purl rows.

In the next post I'll explain what this swatch is going to be, and show off my Toby's new mittens, I made up the pattern and lined them in fine Mohair. He is 7 - so how long with they last? His Kangaroo jersey is MIA and has been for over a month, he wore it for nearly a month but how can I not knit for him - they all get one pair socks, one sweater and one pair mittens a year - how long they last is up to them.
Of course it is no where as good as this little number


Suzanne said...

You make that look so effortless! It is still perhaps still a little fast to follow easily (but then I absorb visual information about the same speed as I knit: S-L-O-W). I tried Norwegian purling a few years ago, which appears to be substantially the same thing, but found the wrap much more cumbersome than flicking the index finger forward for the wrap. The problem is probably that I use the medulla to control the stitches on the left needle (I see you were using your thumb), which forces the index finger to remain further out from the 'work zone'. I need to give it another go.

As for 'The Last Knit': priceless! It neatly sums up all the emotions that our obsession can evoke. In all honesty, I wonder daily why I knit - while putting in a good 3 to 4 hours at it!

Anonymous said...

I've been practising all night, but it's nowhere near how you seem to do this...
How long did it take for you to get this fluent?
I'm learning to knit continental, but found the purling very tiresome. This way of purling seems a lot better, but I'm having trouble keeping my movements small and the yarn as near at the needle as you show it.
thank you for this excellent video!