Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fling One and Fling Two

Acknowledgment: Title inspired by Dr Seuss's and Thing One and Thing Two - characters from the Cat in the Hat, 1957.

When I started working the double-knit mittens and discovered that my gauge was 'improving' I decided that I would forsake other knitting projects. It was a considered decision, I worried that working other kinds of colourwork in tandem with Double-Knitting would have all sorts of unforeseen gauge issues. As it turns out ... I kept fairly project monogamous for the past few weeks .. until this week. But this week I had a party to go to, J turned *0, or as the Germans would say had a 'round-birthday'. I'm told that birthdays ending in 5 and 0 count as 'round-ones'. There was a party, a knitters party instead of meeting for knit night as usual in the Link - we met at M's house and ordered food in .. and celebrated. We chatted, there was knitting and giving, and lots of fun. It was not the place to knit from a chart ... so I needed a simple project - enter knitting fling 1. The same group of knitters have a mid-winter gift exchange every year ... where we draw the name of one of the group members from a hat (knitted of course!), and stalk and plan and secretly knit something for them. Enter knitting fling 2.

So instead of my planned knitting project monogamy - this week I have indulged in two knitting flings.

Fling One
Finally a sock on the needles, yes it has been a while, lets see .... at least April the 16th, so at least 13 days without a sock on the needles. This is Heart of Glass by Vintage Purls, part of the Summer Sock Club 2010. I am knitting mine in Pastel Mist, having used the kit sock yarn as the contrast in my Nightingale. I like this yarn .. is it a little unusual as VP colours seem to be more vibrant and this is very subtle.

Fling Two
This is my super secret project for my Thursday night knit swapee. I have tried to disguise the project so it looks like knitting... but not any specific knitting project, and no it is not really pale concrete coloured grey. I'm looking forward to finishing the **** section so I can ****** along the **** and then work the rest .... and that is as much detail I can provide right now.

With all this flinging there has been no noticeable progress on the Double-knit mittens .. but tonight there should be some, I'm so near the top that I'm keen to see it done and compare it to the first one for size.

I have to return to work this week .... after a week and a half off .... I like work, really I do but I enjoy having my days to myself even more. Is that wrong, or right? I'm not sure.

take care
na Stella


Walden said...

Love the colors in the sock. About the work, not sure if it is right, but it is definitely not wrong. Days to one's self are meant to be enjoyed.

Cool City Stitcher said...

It's important to have work, but also vital to have a liberal sprinkling of time off, especially time for knitting with friends.. and reading blogs - I love it when you have time to post!


Knitting Linguist said...

Right or wrong, I feel the same way. I'm starting to think I won't be as bored during retirement as I'd once feared :) I love your secret project report!