Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Low tech

Sometimes technology is amazing, like this, a blog that connects me to the blogger-sphere, the large and vibrant world of online knitting. Then there is the internet connection, the computer, the digital camera, the wireless network, and the huge online knitting community evident in virtual spaces like Ravelry, You-tube, and Knitters Review Forum.

And with all of that sometimes the low tech processes are just better. Better because they are just less trouble to set up and unlike computers and ipod-touches with knitting apps don't go to sleep and power down when I take too long. The past few days I have found myself decidedly low tech in my knitting -

I am working the slip stitched heel of Toby's sock, in eye of partridge stitch. In that stitch pattern on row one the first stitch is knit the second slipped and those two repeated until the end. The second and fourth rows are purled back, and the third row is K2, *s1, k1 [repeat from * to the end of the row]. Problem is I'm easily distracted so often I can't remember if I am starting a first or third row.

My very low tech solution was to grab piece of note paper from the memo cube, write K1 on one side and K2 S1 on the other.

As long as I turn it over after each purl row I am having no problems keeping track of where I am in the eye-of-partridge pattern. It is even easier than tracking the rows in my knitting journal, I don't have to pick up a pencil and tick them off. I'm making sure I always pause after row 4 if I have to leave my knitting, and so far so good!

This is the last week of teaching for me, and the last week of school for the cubs before this school term breaks. I'm working next week .. but no classes :D, so I should have lots of time to get things done.

Hope the next week or two hold as much promise for you where ever you are!

take care, na Stella


Rachelle said...

Love the look of that heel, might have to give it a go. Though it might have to wait till a couple of WIP's are finished; maybe hubbies socks can have it.

Knitapotamus said...

Oooh, that's my favourite stitch pattern option for heel flaps too. Love it! Can't beat low-tech sometimes, eh? Those socks are looking lovely. . . lucky Toby!

Knitting Linguist said...

Sometimes low-tech is definitely best :) Good luck getting through that last week of school! We're still four weeks out from the end of classes, then two more 'til grades are due. I'm really looking forward to some quieter time to focus on my knitting research - it's been on the back burner, and there's a paper I'm dying to write :)