Thursday, May 05, 2011

Knit camp ...

is today, well tonight ... starting from 4pm. So this is a quick update before I head out and collect three fellow knitters and drive our way to camp. This morning I had a list of chores to do, including meeting with someone at the local setters museum about learn to knit classes (very exciting), and right now I have a cake baking. I thought it would be a nice gesture to leave a warm lemony syrup cake on the bench for my family to find. Oh they know that I'm leaving them to their own devices for the weekend, it is not the first time, and the fridge is stocked, and things as neat and tidy as they ever are, and their 'other' parent, Bear, is at times more capable than I at parenting - they will survive.

The knitting update is short and sweet, I have made very little progress on the double knit mittens. a few more rounds at most. Life got in the way, there was a night that smallest cub just wanted to cuddle, nothing was wrong, she seemed happy enough but just wanted to lean and cuddle and sit in contact with me. When an eight year old and their Teddy bear wants to sit and snuggle ... well it kind of limits arm movement, and knitting becomes more difficult. So I gave up. Then there was Tuesday-itis, on Tuesdays I teach from 9am to 5:30 .. making for a long day and a kind of zombie like settling on the couch Tuesday evening. My knitting is in my hands, but not much progress happens. I have managed to start the decreases for the mitten tip ... and it is a weekend of knitting, so perhaps there might be more to show next post? See I'm deliberately not making any promises.

The other current project grows also, this one is slightly addictive in the way that graphic repeats are. The lace forms a heart, and every repeat completes a heart. The knit experience becomes
'oooo just a few more rounds and I'll have another heart done, *oh that was quick I might just start the next heart ... oh well I guess I'll just finish this heart before I go to bed*,
repeat from * to * until Bear asks 'how much longer were you planning to stay up?".

The family in the photo is my mothers, she is the wee girl on the far left, the boys are from left to right, my Uncle Grant, Uncle Ian and Uncle Neil, and the adults are my Nana Jean and Granddad Stanley. I love this photo, and I love that the kids and Granddad are all wearing sweaters - tucked into their trousers. My mum was born in 1944, so this must have been photographed in the early 1950's in Auckland, New Zealand. My Nana could knit, but I doubt she knit the fairisle/colourwork cardigan my mother is wearing, I'm not sure if she knit the boys jerseys or not. I do know she learned to knit as an adult, taking herself off to classes once she had children in school as knitting was something her own mother had not known how to do. Only two of the people in the photo are still alive, Ian and Neil, so this represents part of my family that I can only remember, I'm glad I have this.

Take care - knit lots, I will .....there won't be a post over the weekend, Knit-camp is off the internet map for me, I don't have mobile access, all the more time to knit with :D

na Stella

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Knitting Linguist said...

You're right, that is a wonderful picture - I'm glad you have it.

And knit camp sounds like a great way to spend a weekend - I can't wait to hear all about it (and see those mittens?) when you get back :)