Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another pair of socks ... arives in my house.

Yes, another pair of socks in circulation, which means that I should be thinking of the next pair to cast on for, and the double knitting still has me intrigued enough to want to continue working on it. Sadly that is at the neglect of my other colour work project. I think (rightly or wrongly) that if I switch from knitting double knit mittens to a colour work tam then my gauge might just vary more than I want it to ... so to keep things consistent, I'm keeping my techniques consistent.

A few moments ago I negotiated with eldest cub to put on his new socks so I could make a photo. My cubs are used to requests like that .. even when they interrupt important activities like ...

...playing marbles. This is a hand made rug, that his Grandmother made, probably some time in the 1980's (or earlier). I'd love to say it was for him .. but no she made one for each of her two sons, and some how we have inherited both. One is in elder-cubs room and the other in younger-cubs room. This one I'm told is perfect for playing marbles on, just the right amount of drag, and the circles can be incorporated into the scoring system. If only she knew how much her hand work was appreciated. And yes his bed is unmade (I'm told not worry about that as airing beds prevents dust mite growth so I try not to care) and yes - that is a a teddy at the foot of his bed - Four Square Bear (long story).

So with the socks done, and in wear, I have been making progress on the mitten. Once the thumb stitches were set aside the mitten grew rapidly, and then once the mitten tip started to narrow - the mitten seemed to grow even faster.

I was really pleased with the way the decreases work at the finger tips. The pattern has very clear instructions on how to knit and shape the 'inside' and 'outside' layers, and they decreases really do give a neat result.

Today the rain has finally slowed, although the ground shows the result of several days of heavy rain - every thing is squelchy. Another indoor day, or as I found out a day to sing quietly
‘Rain, rain, here to stay, it must be a knitting day.’
Not a song of my own making, I loved reading that on Ingrid Murnanes blog, and felt like it was appropriate for my current weather.

take care
na Stella


Linda said...

Lovely mittens; great blog reading: thanks for the many things you share and convey in photos.

Knitting Linguist said...

I knew there was a reason why I liked rain so much! It's been gray and drear here, too, but not as much rain (frankly, it's odd that there's been any at all, this time of year!). The socks are wonderful, and the rug story reminds me of the perfect marble-playing rug of my youth - it, too, had circles on it that were useful in the game. The double-knit mittens are looking wonderful!

KathyR said...

I do like your mitten - the decreases are really nice and round, like a sock toe. I find that most of the very nice colourwork mittens have rather straight and pointy tops to them. Not really to my liking, but probably quite comfortable, all the same.

Lovely finished socks, too. I'm sure they will be much appreciated over the next few months.