Monday, March 05, 2007

sewing together the fish, and book club

So quick post today, book club tomorrow night which is blog night, and lots of nights out this week. More on that latter. Book club, I have been a member for over 2 years now, but never record the books i have read, this months was harrowing. Black Rain by Masuji Ibuse, a tale of the health aftermath of hiroshima experienced by one man and his neice. Interesting, and very sobering, and worthwile but not a fun read. It is a book club where we buy into a larger organisation the WEA (workers education association started way back in the wee small years of the 1900's), they select for us, and we have a history of getting really sobering books, and some that were just horrific "the corrections" springs to mind. Still we eat nibbles, we compare childrens progress, most are ex nurses, while I am not, so I have learned lots, most are mums, but some are not, and we admire food, houses, haircuts and clothes, and cheer up those who loose boyfriends, jobs, and miss out on things they wanted.

I have not made any moves on unpicking powder blue and most unflattering cabled zippie long line cardie in the world, but I will after this week and weekends round of work events, including a preview and opening of our new building. but I did take a few moments last weekend to stitch together two fish, before frogging the stitching and washing them/blocking them. I scanned these, the camera still being in the wrong location.

Right side shows the fish right side up, left side shows the 'underside' or belly of the fish. the top pair are stitched from the underside, picking up the lower loop of the chain edge, the bottom pair stitched from the right side, picking up the top loop of the chain edge. Easy, and so neat. I just need to decide if i like the rustic stitches showing look, or the stitches on the underside. I was very very happy with how neat it all turned out. Works for me. Will try and post step by step instructions of how I did that after next weekend.

Oh, and the fish count is still 66


Beverley said...


Thanks for your comment in my blog. I love your fish and was wondering where you got the pattern?

Sorry a bit lazy and at work to read y our whole blog to find out. :)

ou work in the fashion industry I notice.. lucky you. Anything has to be better than been stuck in front of a PC most of the day. But to be involved in something creative as well...!!

I seem to be having problems with Blogger at the moment. Won't let me in to post and when I do doesn't save what I write!! Sign suppose it will right itself oneday.


BertandFelix said...

Love the fish! I actually started the blanket myself this weekend. They are addicti

Amysatx said...

Cute fish! I'm making the fishy blanket myself. I'm up to 77-but am knitting them separately. I found oyu by way of "bertandfelix."