Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I got 'knitting buddies'!, I meet a fellow knit blogger, Tanya, her friend Kelly and one other last wednesday. And we knit and caught up on life - it was great. Tanya posted a querry about dunedin, nz knitters on KR forums, and it all just followed.

I realised that i suffer from procrasti-knit-ion, when its all to much, when there is a problem or a deadline i just want to slink away and knit. Yet when it is the knitting that is the problem, i dont want to work with it, I just ignore it.

Tuesday I stopped procrastin-knitting and knit, or rather I frogged, big time. The least flattering powder blue cabled cardigan in the world became shorter and neater. I snipped a yarn just at the waist, then tinked back one stitch at a time. Blue cable had been washed so the yarn loops were stable, some I picked up with a fine needle before I unlaced the yarn, some I picked up after they were free of yarn - both worked equally well. Then I had this, a surreal image of a cardie divided, split into two. I must admit to being very calm about this, I guess the sweater is so un-flattering I have little invested in its sucess so its destruction does not bother me.

The yarn, a pure wool, has set into tight crinkles, so once I frogged the lower section I tied it into a hank and soaked it over night in warm water, then rinsed and have blotted dry and hung up to dry in a sunny warm room.

So what does cable cardie look like waist length, - well like this on a dress form and further down like this on me.I tried to do the image of me with a head and in the mirror, but .... I didn't like any of them. This shows the cardie in its true colour, pale powder blue, and I admit to liking this waist proportion - a little like a vintage leather jacket. This one was knit to an EZ formulae, for saddle soulders, the sleeve cable runs right up these, and worked great.

First the mirror I used was in 4 year old Poppys room and covered in finger marks. Its an oval mirror set into the door of a 1900's oak wardrobe. We have the joy of living in a house with no built in wardrobes, but lots of hall closets. I do clean house, I do sweep, vacume, dust and polish - but I obviously have not done her mirror in a long long long time. So I cleaned the mirror, and from photo shoot number 2 these two are the 'best', a great one of the cardi, and one of the few where my face was not behind the camera, I actually had my eyes open :-). Sorry about the darkness.

...and today, Michael from work, the man who understands computer networks, came and visited me at home, on Saturday, and a long weekend, but he took time to make my work windows laptop speak to my home mac wireless network. This was great, Michael is not a mac man. So what you ask, now I can knit, surf, drink g&t, and watch ER, all from or on the couch at the same time, and then I can send what i find to print with no cables. How cool is that? It might even make blogging more frequent, as I won't have to share the mac with the man who now has longer finished socks (sock pictures soon). I do wish work used macs, but if that is my only moan then life is sweet.


Tanya said...

I LOVE the shorter length on the cardy. It is adorable. You must bring this to the next stitch n bitch. You know at this rate you are going to be known as the clever one in the group don't you! I have chopped sweaters before to make them work, I found it liberating also.

Stell said...

I plan to wear it, this was my first chop, but it felt good.