Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mail and a new planned project .... or is that old

Sock, my widdershins variation sock for Chris is done, well one sock of the pair. The fitting formulae worked well, these socks are snug, but fit well. Maybe a little to snug, so these could be mine and he might get another pair with 4 more stitches. I have another 100 g, but had planned to knit me some jaywalkers so there was no confusion when his and hers came out of the wash together.

I had initially swatched as I went, and got 62 stitches, which he felt was to loose, so dropped to 58, but know that it should have been 60, maybe he has water retention? Do guys get that? I am also thinking the gusset increase on each side should be around 1/4 of the total number of sock stitches, I worked it out to be 35% of K, making the increase 20 stitches, or 10 each side. Given how firm it is I wonder if increasing to to 50% would be better. For this sock that is 14 stitches not 10. We will see. I like the idea of having a formulae for socks like Elizabeth Zimmermans sweater precentages. The yarn is much less blue that this image shows, more black, more grey, but early evening light, and colours transform.

Fish count (N= 66) and one third , I knit one from sock yarn, one white and one orange, then repeat, which keeps it interesting. In an evening I can knit around 3 or 4 fish, slow progress at 3" each. I did have a slight hicup for some fish, when increasing for the tails and casting off at 21 stitches, something twigged, and I checked the pattern - only to discover that tails have 23 stitches. Still I can't isolate the few which are slightly smaller of tail, so should get away with it in the final blanket.

Well I got mail today, which was really nice. From Brittany, around january I while using one of my new brittany 2.25mm 5inch knitting pins, it broke. I was saddened, I loved using them, and contacted Brittany about a replacement. Its been a while, but I forgive them totally the wait as they sent me a whole new set of five! Now I have 9. How wonderful is that? Even more wonderful is the package it arrived in, all the way from CA USA, air mail, 5 woooden needles wrapped in a twist of white paper and placed carefully inside this tube, then the ends were folded in and look no tape, no staples, no shrink wrap, nothing to prevent fall-out, and yet all 5 needles arrived safe.

Early 2006 I knitted this sweater, a design as you go, inspired by the rash of cabled hoodies and such out there on the net. Well I decided I wanted a long sweater, a cardie with a zip, and inches of ribbing. This was the sweater where i learned to knit continental instead of combination. For some reason when knitting combination i experienced terrible rowing out that i couldn't fix. I cruised thru the 5 and a half inches of ribbing around the hip, i shaped in at the waist, and out for the hips. I made huge chunky turn back rib cuffs, deep ones. I knitting in a sleeve cable that ran up and across the saddle shoulder, I had fun shaping it all in one with no seams. I was introduced to a great book by Kathearina Buss called the Big book of knitting, by Fran of knitters review fame. I found the perfect way to insert a zip using a knitted on facing on both sides - completely hiding the zip tape. Do I look good in it - NO. Nitch, nadda, no-way, not on your life, never, not in a million, got to be joking way.

Long line heavy zips bubble, expecially in knit, I should have known that, this sweater needed to be a jersey not a cardie. When I wore it, the zip below the waist bounced out, giving me a belly, well I do have a belly, any woman who eats and has kids has a belly of some type. This resulted in a round, 4-5" extension ball like belly - completely hollow and uber unflattering. This was in the category of I love the idea and was really proud of my achievement, but I sure couldn't go out in public wearing it. And I'm from Dunedin, the centre of dark, intellectual fashion, this cardie was one of my first forays into a 'pretty' colour. My brave move to lighten and brighten up for winter was lost deep inside my knits drawer the whole winter

But I love it above the waist, so I am planning to snip it appart at the waist and knit on the ribbing again, making a much shorter jacket. This involves, snipping, undoing (tinking?), and washing the yarn to make it ready to knit again. A slow project, for which I am building courage. much courage.


Garngamen said...

Hi, hope you look at comments on old postings.... I saw your trouble, and (being apple-shaped) I can agree. But there is amuch better solution (if I understood you right, english is not my first language)...
Just take of the zipper out, and then you can cut just below where you want to start the ribbing.
Than you can rip up the bottom. AND instead of reknitting it all, you just pick up (you will see they look like loops) and knot downward to get the ribbing... It works great, and it will look great (and not be so much work!) Hope this helps!

Stell said...

Yes, thats what i was planning to do, but maybe i didn't exactly say that in my post. Im good at that, thinking the process, but not being clear in saying the process. I do have to rip the front zip bands (two layers per side - really neat finish), and cut and rip the lower edge back to the waist. I know from experience i will have to steam the yarn to remove the crinkles.