Sunday, May 03, 2015

Camp 2015

Every year a small group of U.S. local knitters head off to knit camp. We rough it at a girl guide camp about an hour out of town, rough it being sleeping bags and no ensuites, the upside is the food is amazing and pretty much all catered by the organizer -veggies from her garden, home made breads, vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free ... This year the pastry was made with ground cashew nuts.

Any way, the project was sewing in zips, so a small group of us knit Tom of Hollands Sanquar pencil case. Before camp I asked Tom if we could use the pattern and he had a group rate for his pattern. Tom was lovely and said given I had asked and that so many wouldn't - he would give persmisson for the group to use the pattern at a really discounted price. There were thirteen at camp - two had it erupted progress - and one didn't make the photo (two of these are mine - the rest camp knitters). Aren't the colour amazing? And the words too. The pencil case has a name plate, two of us went for 'CAMP 2015', several for names, one for a family ancestral home, and one for some thing more contemporary.

We arrived Friday night, hung out with take always, and started knitting Saturday, by Saturday evening most were cast off and blocking by the camp side fire. The dish rack was the perfect holder to provide airflow.

Sunday we lined the cases, starting with a tissue paper pattern made while the cases were still on the blocking forms.

It was fun, lots of fun, There is something about hanging out with knitters for a weekend that makes the world a better place.



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