Sunday, May 31, 2015


We have a cat, those of you who have been here before will already know this. Her name is Yo-yo, named because early on she wanted in, she wanted out, she wanted in, she wanted out, so much so that Bear asked her 'What are you? a yo-yo?". The name stuck, it was better than the name she came with, Chairman Meow. Nothing wrong with that except the previous cat was called Moses, or Moe for short, and Meow was a little close to Moe. Anyway - we have a cat, she came to us a little over 15 years ago, as a stray. She had tried to adopt friends of ours but they were not at a stage to commit to a cat, and they knew our beloved Moe had died - so matched us up. At the time the vet pronounced her a 'few years old' so we took that as about 2 or 3 and began our life together. Recently she has been different, jokingly we have called her 'elderly and confused', she has been more vocal, less interested in food, sleeping more, thinner, and thirstier. Whenever she took up or got some where she paused as if trying to work out what she wanted to do, it is a little funny as we have all been there.We took a trip to the vet - who gently let us know that an 18 year old cat was about the same as a 90 year old person, elderly, and that elderly was frail, and less interested in the world, and maybe a little shaky on her feet, and things wouldn't work as well as when she was young.So we went home a little sad, and a little pleased, there is nothing really wrong, and she has all her own teeth and at her age that is a good thing. We bought her a heated cat pad, and she discovered it within hours. Since then she has either been sleeping in the sun, or on the heated pad. We figure if Yoyo is an elderly and confused cat, at least she can be warm and comfortable.
Meanwhile I spin, I have some lovely Miss Babs fibre - bought some time ago, a blend of Blue Faced Leicester and tussah silk. Its beautiful to spin, the staple length is long, a little longer than the local fibre seems to be. I am spinning it on my Wendy, it makes a little more noise than my newer wheels but I love the action of the mermaid treadle - both feet at once in sync. 

I also love the very fine adjustment possible with the screw title mechanism of the flier frame. I was thinking a three ply - but this is spinning up so fine i might see if i can manage a nice two ply and something lacey like a small shawl or scarf. Besides was so anxious to begin i didn't stop to weight out the fibre into halves or thirds - so i will finish the singles with a single bobbin and sample a two ply and a three chain ply then before deciding.
This last weekend - we meet my dad for Fish'n'Chips' in Hampton, a lovely sea side community with a traditional fish and chip shop. The specialty fish of the south island is Blue Cod - and when fresh and battered and hot is is deliciously creamy and wonderful. The occasion was little cub turning 13 - nearly all grown up. Before we left we browsed the local second hand shop, where they have opened up several new rooms. Amongst the wonders we found a vintage pen - in reasonable condition so bought it for the princely sum of $10. Back at home I cleaned the pen (ultrasonic cleaner and warm water for several cycles) and filled it with ink. A quick Google (actually DuckDuckGo) turns up the information it was made by The Opal Pen company in Japan in the 1950's or so. The nib is probably plated, the body plastic, and the entire pen assembles by screw threads. It works, the nib is fine (as Japanese pens always are), and stiff, and it holds and lets out ink nicely. The cap is worn, but has a lovely clip - I don't mind the worn - it means the pen was used and appreciated. I won't know for a day or so if there are any leaks is hoping not.
The cardigan grows, I've finished the body, and begun the sleeves. I love the shaping of this, with garter side panels (think this is upside down in the image).
The sleeves I am working two at a time, because there is nothing more boring than a second sleeve ... This way takes longer but means when the sleeve is done - both sleeves are done. After that the sleeves are joined to the body and the yoke and collar are knit.
Update soon promise


Rachelle said...

I'm a two sleeves at a time gal too, don't get second sock syndrome, but more than make up for it with sleeves!

Vanda Symon said...

You can never have too many fountain pens (-:

Or ink...

Vanda Symon said...

You can never have too many fountain pens... or ink...

Jen said...

Your handwriting is just beautiful. And as such, deserving of a special pen. What a goo d find!