Monday, April 27, 2015

A kind of lull

Lull, the space between two busy times, today marks a kind of lull. Last week was iD fashion week in Dunedin, so lots to do with school, and shows and talks. At the same time both cubs schools held parent teacher nights, and at the same time I had a conference to attend. Next weekend is knit camp, at which i am teaching. Today feels like a lull, the quiet between.

I decided at the beginning of last week I needed a simple project, a sock or such a that I could just knit round and round. Squircle - was on my radar, and whilst it is meant to be knit in clear bold stripes - I'm working it in shopplwool. I've knit socks by this designer before, and have several on my to knit list, but squircle - where a square meets a circle - just seems the right sock for now.



For camp I thought it best to have a sample made and one half made. Lorna asked me to teach a weekend on sewing in zips to hand knits and suggested that the pencil case I had made some years back would be ideal as a project. I wrote the designer, Tom of Holland, via ravelry, and asked if there was a bulk discount for buying several copies for teaching - and he generously offered a very reasonable deal, which works out fantastic for the class.

Meanwhile in the background a black hat was knit, to match the school uniform of little cub. Accessories must be black, and she wanted a black thick hat with a deep turn up and a Pom Pom. I knit most of the hat, the deal was to be I would do the rib and she the hat - but some how most of it got knit after she went to bed. The yarn is Cleckheaton Country, and the pattern was inside the ball band - except we knit it in the round not flat. Little cub was horrified any one would knit a hat and seam it. Maybe my work there is done.

Anyway - I'm off to sort the evening meal and then curl up somewhere warm with the rest of my knitting. The conference was this one, and I really enjoyed it, the papers feed my intellect, I gave a paper on repair having looked at repairs in the textile collection of the local museum, including three darning samplers. The best of the fashion shows is IMO the ID emerging markets which is less commercial and more dramatic, video can be found here - for the curious. Details about the entrants and their collections here (scroll down to the ID international emerging designers section). My favorite was Donald Chung, winner was Steeve Hall - and the judges would have had a hard time deciding - it was universally exciting.

More soon, na stella


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