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it is Easter, and for us Easter looks like this, a Lindt bunny each (the new flavor this year was hazelnut - who knew? But I stuck with dark which I know and love), and three tablets of Shoc chocolate. WhitE chocolat and lemon, sea salt bittersweet, and coffee shot. Little girl cub got a suit of eggs flavored like cookies and cream and strawberry, elder boy club got an outer of snickers bars - which was even better than he asked for. He wanted 'just a few bars of chocolat as Easter eggs are hollow and not good value'. It is at times like this I am unsure if I have failed as a parent when my kids don't buy into Easter eggs as the only shape fit for Easter chocolate.

I spent a good bit of time knitting, M loaned me a set of DVDs for the original Poldark tv series, from th mid 1970's. All that knitting means the do use knit hat is now done. This was the stage it was at when I finished the first serries of DVDs. I was just about to start the decreases. At this stage I realized that the decreases were at four points every round and were causing a ladder where I I looped the long circular I was using. I decided I could use a crochet hook to work an extra column of stitches to fill the ladder once I beard to the top of the hat. In retrospect I could have simply shifted where divided the hat into front and back so the split didn't line up with the decreases. I didn't have laddering when working in the round, only when decreasing at the start of a needle.

Looping up an extra colum of stitches made the decreases more prominent, it tightened the knit fabric and created ribs, four on each side ( inside and outside), its a nice feature even if not what the designer intended. I know that blocking will make the fibers swell and that will cause the fabric to even out - I'm interested to see if that makes the ribs less prominent.

And just a final view of the inside/outside, being double knit there is no right side just two sides one the inverse of the other. It's. Generous hat, I knit th XL size, and it's a droopy hat on Bear, a new style for him. As a joke I offered to block it flat on a plate, and turn it into a beret. Bear's face seemed caught between two thoughts, one was 'how interesting - is that how a beret is formed', the other was 'bears don't wear berrets'. It was fun to watch, and he seemed relieved I admittd had no plans to turn it into a beret.

More soon, na Stella





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