Saturday, October 13, 2012

New yarn, new project

Short post today, two new yarns, as a result of recent spinning, and new projects.

First up yarn, just finished, two batches - both spun woolen. I've not even had a chance to calculate the yardage yet. The finer of the two is a heavy fingering two ply, a mix of merino, alpaca, and silk, the thicker a straight merino, which transitions from deep purple green to pale 'out side green'.

Then the new project, a wash cloth, or rather the first of a set. We drove up to my dads in Waimat yesdterday to collect elder cub, and then back bome. Bear has a Billy Bragg concert to attnd tonight so didnt want to risk arriving back to late today. None of my knitting was travel knitting, so i thought washcloth time. I have several balls of this cotton yarn, Rowan Purelife DK naturally dyed, 100 % organic cotton. Scored on the swap table at Unwind earlier this year. We use washcloths in the kitchen and bathroom, and the kitchen ones eventually pick up a grubby tint, most likely from wiping up coffee grounds, and spills. My plan is to knit a new set, already stained with the colour of coffee, what do you think?

The first cloth is all done, a lovely new pattern, a blend of the classic start at one corner diagonal dish cloth, and Chinese waves. The best thing about this pattern is the increases automatically shift the Chinese wave pattern over a stitch, so I never have to remember if I am on row 2 or row 4! I found the idea here, as Nai Nais favorite washcloth. The only change I made was to add two extra stitches and work with a slipped stitched edge.

With lots more balls of cotton to use up, and the current batch of wash cloths looking tired, I've already startd another one. This time double bump wash cloth, by Missy Angus. S far so good. I've always admired the photos which show a stack of washcloths, all coordinated by clour, with different textures. I'm knitting these on my signature straight needles, which every time I use make me sigh with delight. So smooth, so polished, so well balanced, so pretty, and so pointy. If only they came in sock sized circulars.

Well, best go, dinner to sort and Bear to send on his way, work and school for all this week. Bear and the cubs have had a week off, so there will be back to school, and back to work things to sort like bags and books and rain coats, and sun hats.

Take care, na Stella

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Knitting Linguist said...

I love the washcloths - and you' so right, there's something wonderful about the matching color, but changing textures. I will have to put that on my list of things to make sometime (when I am further down the current list!). I also love the colors of that one hank of handspun in particular. I look forward to seeing what you make with it!