Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I've been knitting, more washcloths, and a little on my tempest inspired cardigan, but this post is all about my youngest cubs knitting.

Look, little cub knit this mostly on her own. I'll admit I helped pick up stitches for the body, and the ears, and I grafted one ear closed. Everything else was her work. I'm so proud, for lots of reasons, mostly because she choose the pattern, choose the yarn, and kept working until she was finished. I'm impressed that my ten year old could handle instructions for working on dpns, and even made a leap to translate those to knitting on one circular. That she knit in the round, easily and without fuss, ssk'd, and k2tog'd, worked lifted right and left leaning increases, and followed a pattern. That last bit, following a pattern is amazing in itself given that I often deviate away from instructions. And last week, while watching that documentary about tigers with elephant trunk 'cams', she realized real elephants had tails so added one, mock i-cord with a tuft. Her elephant is called Oddy, and has one purple ear (she grafted that one closed herself!), which is the reason for the name, it's a bit odd, and another way she made it her own. The pattern is Elijah by Ysolda, available here. I've. It knit it, but feel actively involved enough to recommend it, no seams, all in the round and with clever shaping details that make positioning the legs, arms, ears and eyes really easy.

Meanwhile I have been knitting mores washcloths, fuller details to follow in another post, but first shown here is number five, Dewdrops washcloth, one of four in Clothquartet by Tricksyknitter, you can find the pattern free here. I think I have one more ball of cotton, so there will be another two more at least, not sure what pattern those will be ... but the plan is to have each one different, and report back at the end.

So with the elephant done little cub and I have started a shawl KAL ... hers is pink, mine pale purple. Her first lace! No pressure, and as J says, it's knitting, not like its a competition or anything.

Take care, na Stella

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