Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nearly home

Just a quick post, I feel like the yarn harlot, posting from the airport. KAN is over, stash has been enhanced, considerably (embarrassing details in next blog post), friends meet, and new ones made, flying home, flight delayed new one organized and so more knitting time than expected. Furring the week expect KAN photos will be posted by Maree, when they appear I will link, for now the post is all about the current sock.

The foot
My knitting consisted of the pirate sock, which has grown considerably, surprisingly so given it is totally chart knitting and i was traveling. The foot is done, completely true to chart ...

Eye of partridge heel
The heel is done, and here I admit I drifted away from the instructions. Not because I disagreed with the designer, but because I love eye of partridge stitched heels in semi-solid sock yarn. I simply could not ignore the opportunity to work the heel flap this way.

As I knit, I was surrounded by knitters, all knitting lovely things, all very clever. Most asked about the sock, as you do, i asked about many projects in many hands, and I explained my sock was pirates skulls and crossbones, but one had to stretch the sock as if worn to really see the skulls. M suggested that I put eyes in the skulls with yarn overs ... What a brilliant idea. The kind of 'why didn't I think of that idea' that I wish was. One.

Skull eyes
So I did, Added eyes. Just where the skull was the widest, on the second row of that section there are four stitches inside the twisted edge stitches, I worked a YO, SSK, K2tog, YO, and now there are little eye sockets. In the green maybe a tad more Roswell alien pirate skull ... but eye sockets just the same. I plan to do this all the way up the leg, and work the second sock to match.

na Stella

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