Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Look! finished object!

Yes, a finished item of knitting, finished, and worn almost every day since I cast off and stitched buttons on. Finish objects mean that there is new blog content, or in this case the next project surfaces for needle time.

So here is my new favorite cardigan, I want another one, and then a third. Sock weight cardigans are my new favorite thing. I finished last Wednesday night, a week ago and have worn this most days since, I live the weight, the colour, the lace and the length. I've had several favorable comments, even one expressing surprise I could both knit and crochet! This is my favorite feature, the way the deep single rib hem pulls the waist in just a little and hugs the body creating a subtle waist effect.

There is no ease, negative or positive. The cardigan is the same measurement as I am so it sits nicely unbuttoned, and buttons up neatly with no weird pulling or bulging. I had an on again and off again relationship with the neck, planning it, testing it, worrying it was to low, to deep, too loose, hoping the ribbing would tighten it up .... and in the end the neck is perfect, sits just where I want it to. Not to low, not to high. I will have to revisit my notes and see if I have enough to recreate this shape in y next cardigan. Oh yes there will be another one ... And not to far way.

Which brings me to the next project, I dug the sanquhar mitts out of the work basket and knit. So far I am up to the end of the thumb gusset but ...

Yes there is a but, I was all confused about how to make this one a right, or was that a left? What confused me was how to are this one the opposite of the first mitt. The pattern is written with a symmetrical thumb gusset, but there is a date or initials box which is to sit on the inside wrist. On the first mitt the year fits just in the right place, on this mitt, the initials sit off past the wrist bone. Tonight I will frog and fix ....because if I don't the placement will always bug me.

And lastly buttons, knitters study group meet last Saturday to make Dorset buttons. I had more fun than I thought I would, these are a mix of sewn and crotcheted buttons. I can see more of these being made ... Dorset buttons might just be perfect for the next sock yarn cardigan. I always thought that hand sewn buttons had to be large and clumsy, but no,not always, these are less than 2cm across and delicate.

Take care, hope you have dry weather, we have had four or more days of heavy rain and I am ready for some sunshine, or at least some dry.

Na Stella

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Cool City Stitcher said...

Congratulations on such a fine finish.. your sweater is lovely!