Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Leaving on a plane in 3 hours

I am, off to KAN(knit August nights) in Napier, traveling with K and M, meeting F, and M and S, and many many others, . This week has been a lot of sorting and planning and not much knitting that is blog worthy. Blog worthy? Yes not blog worthy, swatches without reason except to show how, or be ready to show how, swatches in thick yarn, thick for me, so knitting on 4mm needles! I know, you can all laugh, but I like my 2.25- 3.25 mm needles. I seem happiest With the small quick movements that knitting with fine yarn and small needles uses. I like fine gauge knits.

This is the sum total of the knitting since the weekend, one giant fish, two swatches .... Together with plans and diagrams and class notes. This was not all my own doing, Although I knit these swatches, Morag from Vintage Purls has been coordinating the class paperwork. Good thing to, as she found several typos in my content and repaired them for me, I Am constantly reminded how lucky I am to have such have clever and kind friends. In this pile are two kinds of button holes, three kinds of edges, three kinds of cast on, decreases and increases, and potential for all sorts of little finishes to be added, worked and tweaked.

Nearly all packed
So far my suitcase is full, I seem to have every hand knit I've ever made and still own with me as a teaching sample. Imagine if I knit with thicker yarns, the suitcase would be a giant one andnid have to pay excess baggage. I think everything I need is in there. A few years ago I managed to pack, then repack and travel with no undies other than the ones I was wearing. Easily fixed, with a trip to the supermarket for one of those ugly but useful multipacks. After that I realized that I could cope with whatever drama travel brought me. I have checked that I have enough 'smalls', plenty of knitting knitting(socks and fish), and contact lens solution, all the important things really.

Take care, if you are travelling check you have the essentials, like smalls and a big empty bag to put things like yarn that might be purchased into.

Na Stella

PS: smalls are what undies were called, in days gone by, by older well brought up women who were far too polite to use common and vulgar names like undies, knickers (or worse).

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Knitting Linguist said...

You look ready to go! My mother's list of bare essentials when travelling was always: tickets, passport, money. Everything else you can figure out if you have to. (I have to be honest, though, and say that I always added "books" to that list, and, in recent years, "knitting". Everything else can still be figured out, though!)