Tuesday, May 08, 2012

There is almost always a bit that needs a little tidy up

I've realized that, over time, that there is invariably something that needs a little polish, a little tidy, a little tweak or something before it can be called finished and done. I've come to expect that with my projects, as I near the end I start looking more carefully at the whole, at how might appear to someone who hasn't been part of its making since the beginning. This post is all about those kinds of end of project expectations, how I now see something that I can improve, that I think I can make the change easily, and and the usual expectations around finishing and blocking.

Banjo-Helens baby blanket is no exception, there very first corner of the lace needs replacing. At the time I started the edge I decided to start just before the corner, and somehow that would be better when I finished. Now I realize that the corners work better if I have short rowed them so there are double the rows and the edge can stretch around the corner easily. Bother, but fixable. I will cut the yarn just after the corner, and frog across, then I should be able to unravel back to the start of the lace edge. Should is the term, I'll report back next post and let you know if what should have been possible was.
And this is the blanket in its near final finished form. I'm expecting it to grow by about one third when it is blocked, making this a cot sized blanket. A cot sized but that also be used as a play rug, or a car snuggle or folded into a thick pad to provide a warm barrier against the chilly winter winds in Central Otago. Most of the time those winds come straight off the snow of the mountains, or the glacial lakes - either way its  a cold wind most winter days. I'm also expecting this to be done tonight .... all going well and no dramas.

I'll  see.
Take care.
na Stella

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Knitting Linguist said...

It's lovely! I look forward to hearing how the corner adjustment went.