Saturday, May 05, 2012

Cleraing the decks

Today's post is all about clearing the decks, a sort of work basket tidy up. There are a few items that have been in the work basket for quite a while now, gloves and socks and a beret, gloves, not to mention the fish blanket. The beret and fish blanket seemed to be permanent residents of the work basket, and perhaps I need to mention that when I say work-basket, both of those projects no longer seem to be in possession of a work-permit. The easiest projects to deal with are always the most recently cast on, the enthusiasm for those is higher, especially if they are simple projects with few modifications and so are straightforward to work.

 Bears Ass-kicking hat is done, cast off in a flurry of haste on Wednesday night. I was seriously worried that I wouldn't have enough yarn to complete this. So worried that I had searched online for more, only to find that it was now only available in a thicker yarn. I posted on Ravelry to see if any one local had more .. and then in the words of Brenda Dayne knit like the wind. I know that yarn lasts as long as it lasts, and no change in speed, or duration, or location make any difference to the number of stitches and rounds that can be knit with a fixed amount of yarn on set needles, in a set pattern. Knowing that doesn't stop the agitated and slightly mad rush to finish that always occurs when there might not be enough yarn. Blocking occurred yesterday, over a cleaned (especially) ceramic pot plant pot, stuffed with plastic shopping bags tangled into a ball to hold the shape. We seem to be enjoying more sunny days that could be expected for this transitional time of late Autumn, and it was nice to have another sunny day to dry the hat. Some how I always think that when something is dried in the sun it retains a special kind of warm feeling, that the suns rays leave more warmth than if dried in a more artificial way. Silly - but there is something special about snuggling something that has dried outside in the sun.

The hat suits Bear, blocking relaxed it slightly, so it is a little looser than before, and longer, which provides a tiny turn up. Bear is old school in many things, so beanie hats have turn ups, they are not slouchy, even if other guys wear then a little slouchy. Still this hat provides Bear with options, even if he doesn't take advantage of them.
There was enough yarn, just, I finished with 6 grams remaining, which is not much. As directed by the pattern I wove the ends in very neatly. The inside is different to the outside, the chevron pattern slightly denser, and the ribs skinnier. The suggestion is that with the ends finished neatly the hat can be reversible - and I think I even prefer it this side out.
The other 'need' to finish soon project is Banjo-Helens baby blanket. Babies don't wait for knitters to finish before being born, and babies due in winter should have winter weight warm blankets - so there is a need, a clear need and I'm keen to finish.  I'm nearly half way around the edge with the lace bind off. I've switched to 4mm needles for the lace edge, after working the blanket on 5mm needles. One edge seems to take an evening, so there is two evenings knitting to go, at least. I've made a  modification in that I'm working short rows in the lace around the corners for two full repeats of the lace boarder ... just where it meets the lace corner increases. I've only worked the first corner so far, and am about to work the second but so far it looks fine. That only leaves a few projects in the wip-basket, a pair of wristers for a learn to knit class I'm teaching at Hand Made in June, the Beret which needs some decisions made, the fish blanket which is a slow-cook project so no hurry there,  a pair of socks which will be my relaxing knit at knit camp this weekend. And the Sanquhar gloves,  which may take a while.

Right now I seem to need a little control, to feel like I own my knitting rather than it owning me, and the easiest way I know to regain control is to finish wips.
ok - best go, the bread has done its second rise, and needs to be shaped ready for the oven, the elder cub wants transport, and the little cub has asked for some bike- time. Weekends are nice, I like having time to do these kinds of things.

take care

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Knitting Linguist said...

I really like that hat! Both sides seem very attractive, which makes it doubly useful. And I love the bright-orange color of the baby blanket - a perfect choice.

I, too, need to spend some time getting my WIPs under control. Not this week or next, but maybe in June...