Saturday, May 19, 2012

New but not what I should be doing ...

Over the last few days I've been working on a new project, I shouldn't be, there are several things that need to be sorted by the end of May. I've got a set of teaching notes to update, and a new teaching project to turn into samples and instructions that can be understood by others. You know, ones own scribbles and cryptic notes are enough for oneself - but rarely understood by other people. Have I been doing those things, no, and I have been making what seem like valid excuses Before I could make headway on one project - I needed to make a trip to the bead shop, and the stash. I've now done both and really should be starting that one tonight. For another project I need to find the file I used in the last class, and I've just done that now. But in the meanwhile I decided that the best thing to do with deadlines and things that needed to be done ... was to set up a new knitting project.

 There is method in my madness, the new project is a simple cardigan, mostly stocking stitch which will provide me the mindless knitting that is needed along side more challenging projects. You may disagree, and you are probably but I find most knitters, most crafters are the most excited and productive with several new projects on the go at once. So far I've cast on and worked the first 6 rows. The swatch was knit weeks ago, and blocked, I've done the maths, and made plans for a top down raglan, with a wide shallow neckline. The cast on row has been set up with stitch markers for the increase points and so it begins.
The swatch was finished a few days ago after languishing in the workbasket for weeks. I picked up and added a stocking stitch neck bank, and grafted it down. I liked the effect, and think that I will use this for not only the neck but the front bands and the hem. Maybe deeper for the hem. The cardigan is based on the now out of print Claire cardigan, but converted to be top down, in the round, and at a gauge that suits sock yarn. Basically I'm using the photo to create something similar. I was playing with having the crochet lace as a lace band .. but the idea didn't pan out as nicely as I thought it might, so I will revert to using the crochet over the top of the raglan cardigan. That way the lace will disguise the evidence of short rows that lower the front neck. Even when worked invisibly, using all the tricks I know to rearrange the wraps and conceal the short row turn ... there is often still a visible hint of 'something' in stocking stitch.
The other change I'm making is to insert a row of garter stitch boardered eyelets just above where the crochet lace will attach. I used eyelets to differentiate between two area of my swatch knit with different sized needles and I liked it, like it a lot. The top edge of the crochet is a little like the eyelets and I think this is will provide a nice transition between the neckband and the crochet. Besides I'm fighting the urge to make this fancy and add all sorts of little pattern-ey things. Two things stop me, I want a simple grey cardigan, that is elegant and will work with a lot of my wardrobe, and I want a simple knit, a mindless knit. Tonight I will make a start on the short rows ... and plan the graph for my beaded wristers for my Handmade class. I've been collecting lots of ideas, and have pages and pages of notes ... but this week is the time to turn those notes into material that is useful to others.

Take care
and have a quiet week, I hope to, it is the last week of formal classes for most of my students, so at work there is a quiet uprising of the kind of student stress that is contagious. Luckily I work with a great bunch of people who are very good at remaining calm in the face of stressed students. I hope to do the same.

Na Stella

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