Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rain rain go away ...

come again another day, except after two days of downpour I'm not sure I want you back another day. We have been hit with what our weather forecasters are calling a weather bomb, yes weather bomb. Here we rarely have all day rain, a few hours and then it stops. The entire country was predicted to have deluges of rain for days, wet, cold, heavy rain. Thankfully it is only rain .. no winds, no storms, no wild weather, no temperature plunges or humid days .. just wet, wetter, wettest rain. Bear took spare trousers and shoes to work today after getting soaked waiting 5 minutes at the bus stop in his water proof coat. Its not the coat that failed it was the rain running of the coat onto his trousers and shoes. And its dark, the heavy clouds that bring us our rain mean that we have very little light, this morning I drove the cubs to school in the gloom, at 8:20 in the morning, tonight Bear picked me up after collecting the cubs from art class at 5pm ... and it was dark, so dark and misty that we could hardly see 50m ahead. If it wasn't for the knitting - I think I might get depressed, all dark and wet makes for a sad bear, but if the bear can Knit - and has no reason to abandon knitting for chores like hanging out the laundry ... well there is a sunny side after all to the ongoing rain.

I've finished the cuff on Tobys little possum sweater, its long and generous on him but may have heard how children grow. If you have heard from a knitter, you might have heard they grow just after you finish a lovingly knit sweater .... so I've allowed in advance for his growth. The sleeves are long reaching down to his knuckles, the cuffs fit neatly .. but they will stretch out, always do. I've started the second sleeve, and have made good progress working away the gusset. I also took a wee bit of time to weave in all the ends. Scary thing is this sweater fits me, the sleeves are perfect, the body a little trimmer than I'd choose .. but it fits. Scary in that I can clearly remember Toby as a skinny newborn as if it was not to long ago, all whimper and wrinkled skin, barely able to focus looking at me with those wide calm peaceful eyes babies have, and now I am knitting him sweaters that fit me.

My work-rail project grows, I'm half way there. I am using a very accurate measurement system with this project. I stood outside and determined that the length of the rail was two full spans of my arms ... so far I've knit just over one span. I've held the boredom at bay by introducing more variety, a cable, one panel of intarsia block work, and slip stitch ridges. So far its feeling more of a sampler than anything else, but a sampler could be good. My plan is to knit with purpose this week, and install it next weekend, classes start the week of the 7th of June .. so that gives me a weeks more knit time if I need it.

I'm off to watch the recorded Dr Who with the cubs, then House (yup cheap tv here - we live on the intellectual edge at times), and knit (acrylic), and look at my sunny yellow and lime and think of warm and clear sunny days.

na Stella


Knitting Linguist said...

It's always so funny to me that you get all those storms just as I'm starting to miss them terribly here. I'd send you some of our sun if I could!

I know what you mean about that sudden realization of how big our kids are getting. Tess is now within half an inch of my height, and her feet are two sizes bigger than mine. It's a weird feeling, especially when I remember the little elfin baby that she was...

KathyR said...

Yep, rain, rain and more rain here, too. A little wind as well. Sally, our dog, has decided that, since the rain has become a fine drizzle this morning, it isn't really raining so she doesn't need to stay in her kennel and has been hanging around outside. She is totally soaked! Labs don't seem to care, obviously. Everytime she sees anyone she dances around pleading to be taken for a walk or at least to play a game. It's not going to happen! One, I don't have a waterproof coat and two, I have no idea where my gumboots are. Now the forecast is for more rain/sleet until Friday! She'll be totally unmanageable by then.

T's jersey looks so warm and cosy! It certainly does give you a fright when you realise just how fast they are growing. Fun but scary rolled up into one package.

Love the progress on your rail cosy, too! It looks so sunny and colourful after all the dreary days we're having at the moment. I'm sure that it will make quite a statement when it is installed.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Hi Stell,

I'm in the English summer, though today is not very summery. I'm sure glad I'm missing the torrential rain at home. Love your yarn bombing!