Saturday, May 29, 2010


Busy with things other than knitting, my 7yo turned 8 this weekend, so there was the party .. 8 little cubs playing and singing and playing games, before a winter indoor picnic on the living room floor, and away off home by 6pm. That is the great thing about kids and their social lives, usually its all done and dusted by 7pm at the latest. The party prep was fine, but took time, including making of the fairy bread, I'm not sure how far the childrens party custom of fairy bread exists, but here it is a party staple. Some time between when I was a kid and now the sprinkles have undergone a stylish transformation.

The sprinkles of my memory were multi-coloured, pastel numbers - now one can buy colour themed jars, that sparkle and glitter like seed beads, and we opted for pink. Soooo pretty. All that prep and hosting and clean up robbed me of my knitting time this weekend, but I did manage to finish the Little Possum, and to start a new project.

I cast off the last sleeve cuff last night, and whilst it has stopped raining, I'm not game to block it just yet. I'd like a few days of clear weather first. The thought of a damp sweater taking several days to dry is not a pleasant one. I know blocking will make this yarn bloom and thicken and relax and fluff up - in the mean time it is worn by cub number 1 as is.

Which left me with only one project on the needles, Nightingale, which ties me to the chart. So I dithered and viewed other knitters finished objects on Ravelry and decided to cast on for Ishbel. Damson and Traveling woman were also in contention, but Ishbel won out, it needs 300m and I have 340m of dark green cashmere and silk handspun that is perfect for it. I've made a start ... so far 15 repeats of the 25 repeats needed to work the stocking stitch center ... but each repeat adds 6 stitches .. so each row gets longer and longer, and takes more time. On Ravlery mine is the 6754th Ishbel cast on .... that is a lot of Ishbels, and that is just the ones on Ravelry!

I've also finished the hand rail yarn graffiti ... and hope to get fine enough weather before Tuesday the 8th to install it. I'll keep you posted on that one.

na Stella

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KathyR said...

I remember having fairy bread but it never looked that pretty! Or cut into circles - ours were always in triangles, much easier from square bread. Happy birthday, P!

The possum jersey looks really warm and cosy and just what cub number 1 needed (now maybe socks? his feet look like they could do with covering!). I agree with you about waiting to do the blocking. I have several things waiting for better weather, too, before I do that. More rain on the way for us, too. :-(