Saturday, May 08, 2010


Its mothers day - here anyway, I'm at a lost to know if its mothers day elsewhere or not. But here is is, which means pretty much a usual day ... except I stepped back from the dishes after breakfast. And Toby and Poppy surprised me with little gifts. Well they had to arrange going to town to do a little shopping with Bear and not me, and explain to me that I wasn't to tag along for 'very good reasons'

Bear tells me Poppy knew exactly where in town to go to get these, she had spotted them weeks ago and remembered where, Toby dashed off across the road heading for the chocolate shop (Lindt Excellence Dark Mint Intense! Yum!). Bear jumped the gun and yesterday we went off to the local wonderful kitchen shop and selected two non stick baking trays - something I had requested next time we were ready to spend money and had forgotten - whenever I bake I end up shuffling things on and off the two trays I have - and always wish for more. I admit to being a little confused by the need for 'mothers-day', why a special day when it would be better for every one to be nice and appreciative all the time, and there is a sense that for some mothers day might be a day of treats that might not make up for the other days . .. but I'm not going to complain and turn down a thoughtful set of gifts. And yes - a Knitter (capital K) would have made these with left and right leaning decreases ....I wonder how hard it would have been to reverse the print for the other foot?

The sweater project is getting the majority of my knit time, its easy and quick, and look - I'm up to the arm holes. I asked Toby what sort of shaped and fitted sweater he wanted, and he said like his gansey - so I'm adding gansey gussets and plan to knit the front and back yoke flat, with a strap shoulder. I've used EZ fake seam to mark the two side seam positions, it is one of the nice elegant touches I like to add and makes blocking and folding easier. My first attempt of the gussets seemed short - although its so fluffy that its hard to see anything, I had worked the increases every 2nd round.

A quick check with the chart for his gansey showed increases every 3rd round .. so I ripped it back and worked it again. Now I've worked the gusset, put those stitches on a holder, and have started working the front. I'm using the stocking and reverse stocking stitch welts at the armhole edge, they pulled the edge into a nice fitted curve on his gansey so I'm hoping for the same effect here.

take care, hope you mothers day went well which ever side of the 'mothers' line you are on.
na Stella


KathyR said...

Ah, I knew progress on the Possum Sweater would be swift and it looks as if I was not wrong. The joys of a straight-forward knit!

It seems as if you did well on Mother's Day, and so you should! Your family obviously love and appreciate you. I think it doesn't hurt for others to show their appreciation now and then and if having a special day set aside is a way for this to happen, then so be it.

Knitting Linguist said...

It was mother's day here, too, and a very good one; I'll try to post about it soon. I'm so glad you had a great day -- I love those slippers!! (And the chocolate sounds wonderful -- your kids certainly know you and are very thoughtful!) The sweater's looking great, at this rate, you'll be done in no time.