Tuesday, October 13, 2009


sorry today is a quick post, usually on Wednesday I post after we eat but before anything interesting is on tv (which seems less and less these days). Today I'll be busy latter, so I'm squeezing in a quick post before we eat the family meal (Bear is cooking - so its Chicago Biscuits from Ratio and Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper soup, yes he is amazing, and yes he is making the Chicago biscuits, no we bought the yummy soup from Jim at Highgate Bridge). But knitting ... today its a new start ... and this one might be a keeper .. and I'm ready and waiting for Soctober 09 Clue III.

If you remember I was trying to knit a hat, top down for Poppy with not enough yarn ... and between two of my cyber-knit-sibs I've realized the folly of my way and started a much more realistic project for the amount of yarn I have. First Morag pointed out that there were multiple projects on Ravelry that needed only 60m of sport weight yarn .. then Suzanne charmed me with her description of her Garterlac Dishcloth that lead her on to work A Step Above [both Rav links]. I have once in a dim distant past, in my teen years knit a cardigan with a entrelac front .. so dim and distant I can only remember I knit it but no details. My current thoughts on entrelac ran along the lines of surely all turning and working on such small numbers of stitches would bit just plain annoying and fidly and a right pita. Turns out I'm wrong .. I've started the Quant headband by Star Athena - and its going well. I've supplemented the yarn a little .. with some left overs from stash .. and its fun. I'm frogging straight from the hat to the headband, and its working surprisingly well. Entrelac is surprisingly ordered and easy to work once a square of part square of each is worked - the next row patterning is just obvious.

I'm working this and hope to finish before Friday -- because Clue III should be up then and so I'll be able to knit the next section of my Soctober 09 Sock. To recap I frogged sock one, and added sock 2, and have knit them two-at-one-time. I'm much happier - this time the lace grows out to the rib. I'm still confused by the pattern and the Part II errata, the pattern clearly states that you need to have the round begin with one knit stitch and followed by two purl stitches. The for the size I'm making, 64 sts the written directions go on to say Round 1 (RS): p1, yo, k3 ..... etc
That is not a round that starts with a knit stitch ..
The chart version for the same section ditto shows P1, yo, k3 ... etc. Methinks the round should start with one purl stitch and two knit stitches ... which is what the first clue directed ... and what I've done and what worked - see?

You can see also that Yo-you realized it was a knit photo being made and so hurried out to be part of the action. Gotta love that cat (except when she bring mice inside the house), she wants to be part of the knitting but completely ignores my yarn (as far as I know anyway).

Take care (sorry about the rush)
na Stella


KathyR said...

A very nice use for the yarn! The socks are looking good. I've been following the clues and may make the socks someday soon but do have a plain pair on the needles that I want to finish first. I'm just so slow at sock knitting!

Knitting Linguist said...

I love the entrelac -- it really shows off the color changes in that yarn. Excellent use of the amount you've got. And the socks are looking very nice; I'm glad that they are coming out right this time around (and that listening to your gut and experience put you on the right track; sometimes patterns say very funny things...). Hope you're having a great night!

me said...

your colors on the entrelac are stunning!
I love your clothes line socks - I'm a big fan of our clothes lines, but I need to knit more socks to look as lovely as your clothes line!!!