Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How did that happen?

Today the post is a series of questions, rhetorical perhaps, mostly around the theme 'how did that happen?'. First up a new podcast, a New Zealand craft Podcast, with a cuppa-tea-what-is-in-the-tins New Zealand style theme every week, and interviews of local crafters, secondly books as I seemed to have a acquired rather a lot recently and thought it might be prudent to 'fess up'. Thirdly there is the actual knitting report, for it is after all a knit blog, I have Frankensocks and a new lace project, small lace, easy lace, but lace nonetheless.

My first 'how did that happen' question' is about being interviewed for Crafternoon Tea by Genny [aka GrannyG on Ravelry] who is doing an absolutly wonderful job of podcasting about craft and food in New Zealand. Her podcasts are here, Morag from Vintage Purls was interviewed in her third episode, I'm in her fourth, and I know she has a few more crafters lined up. As well as arranging to hear crafters discuss their influences and practice, Genny brings New Zealand culinary delights of the 'tea-tins' to light in her podcasts. I grew up here mostly in New Zealand, and as such experienced much of the baking Genny discusses. I'm a fairly intelligent cook - but I'm still learning a lot about baking our national dishes and being a good host.

My second 'how did that happen' is about books, earlier this year I decided to add a few needed books to my work library. I felt it was important to keep my working library current. So I bought a few here and there .. In August Berg had a sale, most books were a mere £5 so a few more were bought. Over the year I'd see a book, or read a review, and buy it, mostly from Amazon or BookDepository. When the books arrived I've read the intro,and sit it on my desk meaning to read more ... as soon as I has more time. Then the another book would arrive, and another one (familiar anyone?). The shocking thing is it appears I've acquired 26 books this year on craft, knitting, fashion, design and pattern-making. This first pile is what I've called the 'theory' pile. Right now I've no idea what I should read first .. and I've still got two more 'theory' books ordered, paid for and yet still to arrive and add to this pile - the Culture of knitting, and The Nature and Art of Craftsmanship. How did that happen - and what should I read next? Any one - help?

Then there is the 'practical' pile of books, another eight books that cover and explain and explore skills and techniques of cutting and shaping and developing garments. There are four here that really excite me, an old one from the 1940's Practical Dressmaking by Mabel Erwin, and Draping: Art and craftsmanship in fashion design (simply amazing), and Patternmagic I and Patternmagic II. Those are fun, simply fun but its easy to spot designs made by students who have seen those books - very very influential - I tell them the trick it to use the theory to make it unique not to copy. Oh there is way more than that in the pile, there are two on the history of garment cutting (Development of Costume and Cut My Cote). The oldest book I added this year is The 'Climax' System for Cutting Gentlemen's Garments by Legatt, W. E. and Hodgkinson, T. W. London, published in 1917. Again I ask - what one should I read next? Although to be honest its easier to choose with these practical texts, one can dip in and browse, as one needs. Both sets of these books of course join a much larger collection of books in my 'at work' library .. as well as being part of my own personal library, much of which is at home. And knitting .. yes there were some knitting books amongst the aquisitions, not pictured in this set, these are already on the shelf behind my chair.
  1. Contemporary knitting for textile artists, Ruth Lee, Batsford, London, 2007
  2. Radical Lace and Subversive Knitting, Museum of Arts & Design, 2007
  3. Knitting Art 150 Innovative works from 18 contemporary Artists, Karen Searle, Voyager Press, 2008
  4. Knit Knit Profiles + Projects from Knitting’s new wave, Sabrina Gschwandther, STC Craft/A Melanie Falick Book, 2007
  5. The Culture of Knitting, Joanne Turney, Berg Publishers, 2009 - still to arrive.
Which brings me to knitting, Frankensock is done, all bar the toe graft. I'll finish the other and graft both at once. This toe is in garter .. which is nice, and squoooshie, but garter grafts can be tricky and I'd like them both to match. Sock two has ribbing done and is about to get the four pattern repeats set out and worked. Tomorrow is Thursday so the final Socktober 09 clue will be up .. so that will delay much progress on Frankensock.

Then finally there is a new project .. a lacy baby vest, pattern and yarn both by Margaret Stove. This is the finest yarn I've every knit with, and I'm sure it will catch or snag - but hasn't yet. The whole vest is knit with only 30g of yarn. I cant find a link to the pattern .. but it seems the same lace as used in Froot Loops. Its a nice easy and cute pattern.

take care
and don't tell me about any more books please?


Knitting Linguist said...

So many wonderful books, so little time! I recognize that syndrome. Of course, I vote you read The Culture of Knitting first, to inspire me to read along while I have someone to talk about it with, but I'm selfish that way ;) I'm loving those Frankensocks!

carolynswafford said...

I love love love your socks! so pretty!

KathyR said...

Wooo, that is one heavy pile of books! I will definitely not be giving you any advice on which one to start with.

Frankensock looks great - I love the zigzag lines contrasting with the straight ones. Your little lacy baby vest will be sweet, too. But then I'm rather biased as this is one of my favourite baby vest patterns, although I haven't yet knitted it in really fine yarn. A photo is on my Ravelry project page here - http://www.ravelry.com/projects/KathyR/baby-vest - but, yes, there is no link to the pattern.

I have listened a couple of Genny's podcasts and really enjoyed them! Every bit as good, or better than, any overseas ones I've listened to.

me said...

I would vote to keep knitting and get some of those books on Audio so you could knit while listening... your knitting is lovely!

N. Maria said...

You cannot have enough material on knitting.......not ever.
You have a very interesting blog. :)
Maria H in WA