Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Finished? Maybe, and its ...

I've been aware of this event called Socktober for a few years ... and envy'd the speed at which people knit the socks, but mostly the speed at which they notice and find the sock pattern in time to knit the Soctober socks. Me, I'm always late to the party, often many many months late to the secret mystery knitted things parties, well past sign up and start dates, but not this year. This year I stumbled across the 2009 Soctober at the very start of October .. so this year I'm in, confident I've enough time to take part.

So here is my start, so far one sock cuff, a little rib, a little zigardy zagardy lace, some more rib (how odd - wondering what we knit next) and waiting on the next clue. Of course being ahead of the world on the date line thing, the Thursday sock installments will show up here on Friday's .. so a few more days to wait before I can knit the next section. Maybe I should make a start on the second sock? Me and the 356 people who are registered on Ravelry as knitting this sock .. plus many more any outside of Raverly. I've got till the end of November .. and right now that seems very achievable.

Part two of my dads knitted Christmas gifts is done. Its a Hat fit for a boyfriend (or father, or brother or uncle or self ...), by Sephanie Nicole. Nice, fast, plain in a boy kind of way with neat decreases at the tops of the ribs. I think I've finished, I had planned to pick up along the hem and add a fold up cuff .. just to make sure it was a warm hat .. In truth - when Bear tried it on - it made him look like a pumpkin head, so I really think I should if I have enough yarn left. I'll let you know, there might just be enough hand spun left to do this. I've named this one the Robust hat, and hope it might survive a hard life keeping my dad warm for a little longer than the last hand spun hat I made.

take care
na Stella

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Knitting Linguist said...

It'll be interesting to see how the sock turns out -- I like the start! And I love the color of that hat -- very nice :)