Tuesday, July 07, 2009

only a few rows ...

Today there are only a few more rounds on TJB's gansey, but significant rounds, I've been on leave and childless so far this week, and I would have expected more progress ... but I've been a sloth and distracted. I'm still distracted and things are taking longer than expected ... my parents used to say things would take three times longer than you expect they will ... and you know... they were right. So today there is only a little to show and tell and share.

So the gansey grows and shrinks, yes there was frogging. I had my chart all worked out, and I was ready to start the gusset ... but some how I had not thought thru all the details. Last night I stopped knitting at round 19. This morning I decided that the chart really needed to show the pattern repeats beyond row 19 so I sat down to add a few more chart repeats to the excel file. Well .. some hours latter I finally had it done, all the symbols in place using a free knitting font, all the repeats sorted, and printed of at a size that I could read but also that fitted on a single page. So far so good ... I've even planned the gusset increases so that I will finish with the patterning all worked on a row that is easy to work flat (I think - I've got my fingers crossed as I may have over thought it and got it wrong). But in doing all that I worked out how the gusset increase could be neater as it grows from the 3 stitch seed stitch side seam .. so I've frogged back to round 14, and worked back up again. It is true what they say ... the second time is easier.

One reason I didn't knit as much as I planned I would was that I was busy making more project bags ... lots of them in pretty pretty fabrics. With the cubs off at my dads for the week, and me on leave it seemed a good time to take over the dining room and make a fabric mess. And I enjoyed spreading my stuff out and not having to tidy up for others.

It all takes time, of course there is the cutting and measuring and marking, and sewing and pressing, and attaching the labels, but all the other little things like threading thru the ribbon, well even choosing and matching and cutting the ribbons. It all takes time.

And somehow this skein followed me home ... its an un-named VP sock skein ... perfect for boy-cubs and Bears. Although with little progress on Bayerische ... well it might be a while before other socks happen. We are away for the weekend, to a cottage in Clyde, again sans cubs ... so I'm expecting a lot of winter walks, a few cafe wines and a whole lot of knitting by the fire. I have not broached the subject of taking a wheel with Bear .. but he is easy going -- after all he will take tripods and cameras and things to read and listen to.
Another thing that has been distracting me is Tambour or Zari embroidery. I've signed up for a two day workshop to learn Tambour Beading, and I've been doing a little searching around. I've not found much ... but I did find a series of Indian videos showing Zari embroidery with an English explanation. I've not found much out there on how to Tambour (or Zari), so if you have any suggestions as to where to look - do tell.
I've been putting together my workshop kit, sourced a Tambour needle and holder, chosen and ordered thread and beads, I've bought some gold silk organza, and dug out my embroidery hoops and located the embroidery stand that holds a hoop leaving both hands free to work. Looking at the video I wonder if I should use a square frame instead of a hoop, I've got one of those as well, but I'm not sure where its stand is.

so I'm still on leave and knitting and smiling... and making progress :-)
na Stella


Vintage Purls said...

Pretty new bags!!!!

I love the spots in particular. :)

CraftyGryphon said...

Oooo, lookit all the pretty little project bags! It's always fun to see well-made items mid-construction!

Knitting Linguist said...

Love the new project bags! Mine went with me to Scotland, and was absolutely the perfect size to fit in my purse to pull out during bus rides and at restaurants while everyone was lingering over drinks. Your new workshop sounds really interesting, but I know nothing about it - you'll have to share :)